An apology is probably in order for not providing a blog update in the past week or so.  This has been due to fatigue, self-pity, apathy and having nothing else interesting write about.

Fatigue – felt tired for most of last week.  I’d get home and just feel wiped out and it wasn’t the usual post-work walks either.  Was compelled to go to bed early and slept for more than eight hours.  Recovered by Saturday though. 

Self-Pity – was trying to fight off a cold sore but it looked like the virus was winning so had to go and bring out the big guns in the form of a tube of Zovirax which did the job.  Of course I went around looking like I’d been turning tricks and didn’t wipe up afterwards but a little social embarrassment is worth it to get rid of the wretched thing.  I still blame that bitch-troll from hell former manager of mine in her stupid pink ra-ra skirts and horribly haggy hair.  Cow. 

Apathy & Nothing else – Yeah, just haven’t had the energy or the inclination to write much.  But that’s because I’ve done nothing of any note.  Even my video gaming has been confined to Age of Empires III for the most part and there aren’t many interesting tales from that. 

On Saturday, I finally decided to download Age of Empires Online (and of course the Premium Content has been taken off the Steam Sale where it lived for the last million years) and give it a try.  Started off two cities as the Greeks and the Egyptians and have liked what I’ve seen so far.  My one gripe is that of the initial Skirmish taster which was just too damn hard.  It does put me more in mind of playing the original AoE where the computer just threw unit after unit at you with no overall strategy.  That’s why I much preferred the other games in the series – the computer at least gave you the odd respite between massed attacks as would happen in real life.   

However, I didn’t actually find all this out on Saturday.  I had so many issues with trying to register the game and create a Microsoft Live Account (yet another bloody user name and password combo to memorise), I turned off my laptop in a fit of pique and did all this on Sunday.  Went to Ceajay’s on Saturday for a gaming night, playing Catan and Kirby on the Wii.  Was good, a relaxing, civilised evening. 

Thought about going out on Sunday – indeed I was invited to dinner as Friday’s dinner invitation was cancelled and postponed to Sunday but that didn’t happen so spent most of the day indoors gaming.  Felt compelled to switch on the heating around 3pm as it was nippy.  Mind you, there’s nothing I actually want/need at the moment except to restock the fridge.  I have been tempted to peek at the Comet “going out of business sale” but by the time I’m ready, all the good stuff would have gone.  Ah well, capitalising on other people’s misery is so not me.  Wait – why is my nose growing?