Fresh from overdosing on Civilization V, I’ve started self-medicating heavily on Age of Empires 3 again and more Resident Evil 4.  I completed RE:4 at the weekend but immediately recommenced the game armed with a Las Plagas laser for a quick walk-through.  Level 3-2 in the room with the water?  Not even an issue any more.  As for AoE 3 – I’m forever playing skirmishes but favour team games rather than solo efforts.   

There are two types of team game in AoE 3 – ones where you and your partner roll over your opponents and the others are where your partner needs constant bailing out from attack.  There was one I played Saturday afternoon where I felt compelled to bung my fortress and several outposts in the midst of my German partner’s town whilst maintaining a permanent garrison.  Thank heaven it was a water map (Large Saguenay) as I could build up a fleet to interdict the coast after ensuring that the Sioux or Iroquois couldn’t gain access to the water. 

What is there to report from the weekend?  Again it was a fairly quiet one – I left work early as I was forced to skip my lunch break owing to overrunning meetings (lousy job) and I began Friday evening with a _successful_ walk through the park.  I felt the urge to waste a load of cash so went to Selfridges and binged on the pick n mix… 1kg of toxic waste by-product and I won’t be sharing.  Housemate came home pissed as a fart and tried the butch masculine thing of alpha dog dominance.  It got fairly tedious pretty quickly but for once I couldn’t be bothered to engage in one-upmanship. 

The weather was just grim this weekend and I couldn’t face going out of the house.  Saturday was spent undertaking the usual chores, gaming and around the early evening I ventured out of the house with only one thing on my mind: punch pockets.  I had the urge to do some filing of my comic books as there’s about six months of a backlog (and precious little box and shelf space).  However, I left it too late to get anywhere useful and my only hope was the Morrisons and Sainsbury’s in Stratford, neither of which had any so had to leave it.  Having weeded my collection, I found six wretched duplicates in and amongst the unfiled comics.  That’s about £15 spent unnecessarily because I can’t check or just don’t have a 100% memory recall.  

Sunday was a little more active as after lunch, I sauntered down to Limehouse for a steam bath.  Spent about three hours there (at least one hour in the dry sauna sweating my guts out) before going home and finished off the domestics before cooking a third-rate chilli; I thought it was bland but I can thank my dingleberries for that.  Started a new game of Civ as it has been a week and successfully repelled an Ethiopian attack on my Ottoman Empire before going to bed.  I am liking this “Fall Patch” as the notes include the nine types of peace treaty and I could tell how much I had Haile Selassie on the ropes before I accepted his capitulation.  The git attacked me but made the mistake of going for my second city which was in range of several of my units so after beating back his initial assault, he offered peace status quo ante bellum (level 0 surrender).  I readied the big guns and took the fight to Addis Abba, capturing the city.  Then I offered terms and he offered me a level 8 surrender (Unconditional – AI gives up everything bar the capital).  Ha! 

Just to pad out this blog entry, here are the new “surrender levels” from civfanatics: 

0: White Peace (give up nothing)
1: Armistice (1/2 gold, 1/2 of max GPT)
2: Settlement (all gold, max GPT)
3: Back-down (all luxuries, all gold, max GPT, open borders)
4: Submission (all resources, all gold, max GPT, open borders)
5: Surrender (one city)
6: Cession (1/4 city value, 1/2 gold)
7: Capitulation (1/3 city value, all gold)
8: Unconditional Surrender (all but capital, all gold)

Looking ahead to this week and I find I have an empty calendar for the most part with a vague offer/threat of dinner at some point at the end of the week with the Doctor.  It’s probably for the best as I won’t be tempted to spend quite as much in a couple of weeks.  However, I did have a very vivid dream on Sunday where I won the lottery.  What’s even better is that I remember the numbers I played which I made an immediate note of.  Thing is, I can’t recall which lottery I won; National or Euromillions!