Thanks to all those of you who have been checking out my blog as a result of the last post “I Hate Ashley Graham”.  Who’d have thought that seven years later, the effete bimbo would evoke such continued strong reaction?  But her aside, Resident Evil 4 remains one of my favourite games of all time.  I just wish Capcom would design another game in pretty much the same vein as 4 without changing the main features (Resident Evil 4.1?) or gameplay.  And does anyone else get that Scooby Doo feeling when you have those creepy knights chasing Ashley in the secret rooms? 

Today’s post is a general catch-up; the Griffin Quiz was on Tuesday as per normal and the pub was packed out – teams hanging from the rafters.  Yoshi’s Island and Keira Knightley’s Stunt Thighs were both in attendance for Richard’s last quiz before he departs for four months in the Falkland Islands for more horticultural cataloguing.  The questions were…really good and I’m not just saying that because Team Yoshi won with 35 or 36/40.  I thought the round on “not-quite obvious answers” was great.  By that I mean “what colour is a black-box recorder on an aeroplane” and “what is the chief ingredient in Bombay Duck”? 

Still on something of a high today – Tuesday morning I booked a weekend in Berlin for 24-26th November, second trip out of the country this year and the first time I’ve been back to Germany since 1991.  It does feel like going home, going to visit a friend or relative you haven’t seen in ages.  As I’ve written about before, Höhne was probably my favourite place to live whilst growing up whilst Münster offered unparalleled freedom.  It’s going to be nice seeing the capital of the unified German Republic, breaking my dietary rules and scoffing Frikadellen every chance I get and quaffing the odd glass of Riesling, Glüwein and Jever.  I need to get my suitcase back from Mr Coles – he’s had it five years, enough is enough. 

Wednesday wasn’t anything special though my 3DS states I racked up over twelve miles total walking thanks to the bus diversion when coming home from the quiz, the after-effects of the Central Line collapse and a long walk after work.  I can’t help but wonder if I’m pushing myself too hard because my feet and ankles felt like they’d been dipped in liquid nitrogen á la Terminator 2.  Even managed a blister on my toe just to make sure it was extra-painful.  Bloody socks, bloody shoes, bloody walking! 

There was a perverse sense of pleasure yesterday when the first American pastor tried to blame Hurricane Sandy on the ongoing “Same-Sex Marriage” debates.  To be honest, we were expecting something like that sooner but I really have to question the mentality of people who not only go around spouting this gibberish but end up believing it too.  It’s as bad as Fartwell when he tried to blame gays and lesbians for 9/11.  These things are now part of the background and they only gain prominence as the church newspapers print this crap and the left wing respondents print a flurry of rebuttals.  Why give them the publicity in the first place? 

Not sure there’s much else to comment on – DfT published the initial findings to the Laidlaw Report (into the refranchising of West Coast) a couple of days ago.  It makes for fairly damning reading, particularly the parts about the reorganisation of this place.  We the saps on the ground said it was going to be an unmitigated disaster.  We were right.