As I’ve been overdosing on Civ V lately, after I finished off my Babylon Game (Domination Victory), I decided to fire up Resident Evil 4 on the Wii and Age of Empires 3 on the PC over the weekend.  Whilst I haven’t lost my touch with regard AoE 3, Resident Evil 4 inspired some spectacular tantrums on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.   

Fans of the game may know the level – 3-2, the big room with the water where you have to (a) make the stairs crank appear whilst fighting off wave after wave of monks, (b) turn the stairs crank to gain access to the second half of the room and (c) turn two more cranks to make platforms in the water appear.  I was playing on professional mode so Leon can take one, perhaps two hits before he dies and Ashley “whiny bitch” Graham has a constitution that would make a haemophiliac look robust. 

I think it took seventeen attempts – more often than not the stupid cow got killed by a monk aiming for me and she was too slow.  If you can get through this room, the rest of the game is an absolute doddle.  Think I left the game on 4-1 – the room with the two Garradors and waves of the metal skull monks.  It’s a great game, it’s too bad that Capcom chose not to release the sequel on the Wii. 

Speaking of the Wii, I had come to a new conclusion as to why the Wii’s sales have nose-dived in the last couple of years and it’s nothing to do with the age of the console.  Rather it’s playing the Wii games which don’t require you to stand up.  When you’re playing a traditional console game, you have a tendency to sit back in your seat, settle in and play but with the Wiimote and nunchuck, you cannot help but lean forward in your chair and it puts tremendous pressure on your back when you settle in for anything other than a casual gaming session.

I’ve tried to sit in several different chairs (recliner, Eams, sofa, floor, swivel chair, dining room chair, stool) and none of them offer any sort of decent posture or support when you sit on them in a position other than the one which they are designed for.  Whilst the Wii U’s tablet looks to allow gamers to sit back in their chairs again, perhaps a second-Nintendo related ailment will be diagnosed along with “Nintendo-finger”. 

After fully enjoying the extra hour in bed on Sunday, I did venture out of the house briefly in the early afternoon with the remainder of my birthday vouchers determined to spend them in John Lewis.  After hovering over the kitchenware (I really want a ceramic pie dish to make, well, pie), a blue gingham shirt caught my eye in mens clothing so I plucked it from the rail and paid for it.  Had a wander around the rest of the store before heading down the escalator to Game (nowt in there either) and then back home. 

The “one-hour buzz” lasted until Monday, that is to say I was able to get out of bed more or less when my alarm went off and get to work on time rather than the usual reticence.  Most of the day went by uneventfully but I met up with Paul and Darren in the evening at the Griffin for another game of Age of Mythology session.  We managed to get through it much more quickly and were done in 2½ hours; Paul won after I build the Wonder and was one victory point shy of drawing level.  Owing to the game’s mechanics, I had to build the Wonder and hope for the best before my temporary advantage was lost.