Attempt two at writing a blog entry for today – attempt one was just…even I got bored writing it. 

I’m starting to get more than a little bored with playing Kid Icarus on the 3DS.  Although I’ve completed it, I’ve been going for the Treasure Hunt rewards to get as close to 100% game completion as possible.  Now all the easy ones have been collected, I’m going for the harder stuff but it’s a slow, arduous slog and doesn’t do much to encourage continuation.  Kudos to anyone who _has_ played the game to death.  Me…I have other things to be getting on with. 

Case and point – was playing this morning on the Tube and just switched the game off as I got bored fighting the Arum Hive.  Turned on Double Dragon (original Gameboy version) instead, finishing off a game I’d commenced earlier in the week.  Double Dragon was a game that we played half to death back at school when the GB was released; don’t know why as it is a fairly weak game – punch and kick your way through the levels, fight some absurdly irritating bosses and that’s it.  I know you can’t expect a great deal of variety from the original Game Boy compared with successor machines but back when these games cost £30 to purchase, you feel cheated.  Perhaps the most damming feature of the game is the constant repetition of the bosses; there are only three types (like the three types of mook you have to batter through the levels) but they reappear all the blimmin’ time. 

There is one glaring curiosity of the game; why do the women who fight you not have faces? And the final boss (machine gun Willy) is ridiculously easy though if you are stupid enough to walk into the path of his easily avoidably bullets, you deserve to die.  In the game.   

Perhaps the best feature of Double Dragon is the music.  Midi files are difficult to really put together a good tune with (although I used to LOVE the Yamaha player installed to some of our office PCs about eight years ago as it really jazzed up midi files) but this game has some catchy music that isn’t irritating and plays appropriate to the theme of the level.  DD has a disappointing ending – almost as disappointing as “Thank-you Mario…oh Daisy, oh Daisy”.  I’m kinda glad Marian kopped it in the sequel.   

After seven months, I finally took home my birthday decorations from the office where they’ve been hidden in the corner.  The only reason I did so was that I was offered unexpectedly a lift home rather than duelling with public transport and its denizens.  Somehow it felt apt; I think I’ve got next year’s birthday nailed down and have just finished sketching an approximate project plan (There _is_ a use for Prince2 after all).  The theme… I’m going to keep to myself for now on the off chance I change my mind but the formal enquiries will be made within the next calendar week.

Storm clouds are gathering at home; I sometimes wonder about what criteria people apply to their decision making processes and why they disregard strong evidence pointing to one conclusion in their favour of another which will not yield such benefits.  Experience is a funny thing and people who do not learn from the mistakes of others or indeed themselves are just insane.  Though having made such a grandiose statement, I’m forced to quickly check my life for any repeat mistakes I’m prone to make.  Apart from drinking to excess and not thinking before I speak (often under the influence), I think “lessons learned” have been correctly applied.