Monday 15th 

I seem to be getting through two novels a week, mostly repeat reads rather than new stuff and all from iBooks.  Most of what I’ve been reading in the last month is post-Nemesis Star Trek stuff; did the early Enterprise adventures and now I’m going through the Star Trek Titan series.  First time around, I enjoyed the first three books in the series, cannot remember the fourth at all other than the fact that the Bajoran Scientist Jaza gets stuck several thousand years in the past (and I’m hoping it’s a permanent exile rather than the literary device of “bringing them back when needed”).  The next three are part of the Destiny trilogy, Over a Torrent Sea was a hard slog and the rest kind of blur.  But with TV/movie tie-ins, when you no longer have a dedicated anchor to what was, then you really move to the realms of tenuous fiction. 

In the same vein, I really hate and despite it when “Fantasy” writers are brought in to pen “Sci-Fi” novels, particularly when said novels in the latter category bear links to the former.  Some of the Star Wars novels (Children of the Jedi and the Crystal Star are two guilty culprits) are the worst offenders though Trek editors allow the odd “fantasy” scenario to slip through the cracks.  I don’t enjoy the crossovers – let Zordon and the Sword of Destiny stay in the land of the dragons and mermaids.  I want my science to stay magic-free.  That’s probably why I’ve never watched Lord of the Rings (the animation was bad enough – reminded me too much of the Secret of NIMH). 

Not at 100% today, woke up with all the usual symptoms of a cold; ironic as I went for a steam bath the day before.  It’s the lasagne cheese – bloody dairy products.  You let down your guard for two seconds and end up paying for it.  However, my penchant for some late nights recently cannot have helped. 

After a fair amount of wrangling and a certain amount of reticence, manage to go around to see the Doctor’s new apartment yesterday evening.  It’s around the back of the Bingo Hall in Stratford, eerily close to the creepy transvestite (don’t ask).  I was surprised that these modern builds could be quite so large although it was a corner suite rather than a “terrace” (what is the correct term?)  He cooked, I ate though was somewhat fatigued so wasn’t on top form. 

Tuesday 16th (a.m.) 

To the commuters at Mile End Tube station: 

Precisely what part of “let passengers off the train first” do you fail to comprehend?  If there are still people attempting desperately to disembark from the train, let the poor sods through – then there’ll be space for you to get on.  So what happened next was entirely your own fault. 

I make no apologies for charging through about fifteen of you, knocking several of you flying.  The fact of the matter is that you barged on the train and actually blocked, BLOCKED me from getting off.  Last time I checked, I am fully in phase with this space-time continuum so cannot pass through solid matter, my subsequent actions confirming this.  And if this happens again tomorrow, then we’ll repeat until you get it through your thick skulls that passengers must be allowed to get off the train before people can get on. 

Now…bring on red-light jumping cyclists.