Friday was something of a tough day.  It was quite a slog to get through the twenty-four hours which made up 12th October 2012 and my own behaviourisms didn’t help matters.

The day before was the IGN Video Game Quiz which Ceajay booked Yoshi’s Island in for.  Was fun although we didn’t do as well as we do in the Griffin Quiz.  And we missed out on the spot prizes also.  Got drunk on Desperados – bloody tequila beer AGAIN and staggered home.  This is where things get a little blurry and I remember completing some chores at 1am before dunking myself in a hot bath (bathing before bed when drunk is way, way better than drinking two pints of water) and passing out.

Woke up at 8am before my alarm was set to begin screaming at me and managed to stagger into work.  As I hadn’t eaten the night before aside from picking at a Walkabout platter, I ate not one but two breakfasts – the usual two crumpets and juice at home, scrambled eggs and hash browns at work.  Thought about a third breakfast but that was pushing it.  However, to burn off those surplus calories, I had a hyper-long walk at lunchtime at full pelt round Vauxhall.

The afternoon crawled by and at one point, I thought I’d spent two hours writing up some thoughts on the topic of unlicensed driving when the PC on my desk indicated that a mere fifteen minutes had ticked by.  So I updated my PMR and eventually managed to leave at 5.30 – slightly earlier than I should have but by this point I was in no mood to start anything new and was desperate to leave.

Another long walk was to come, this time the usual Belgravia/Hyde Park circuit and as I was out at a civilised time, I thought I’d narrow down the finalists in “Winter Coat Challenge 2012”, especially as I was looking vaguely human again having trimmed my hair and wearing the blue shirt/black jeans combo.  Stopped off at Next first as that was nearer Marble arch compared with M&S and tried on the grey coat.  No contest, it won me over straight away and the fact that the coat was only £65 was a big plus. Was about to pay for it when I spotted a khaki shirt hiding in a corner so thought I’d get that too and left.

Walked up Oxford Street calling in at the usual places for a look around, see what the retailers are daring us to buy for Xmas and Hallowe’en, getting ideas for gifts etc.  I was shocked to see that the Game store had gone and was about to become YET ANOTHER BLOODY BRANCH OF BOOTS.  IIRC, that will make four branches of Boots on Oxford Street – five if you count the one in the Bond Street Shopping Centre.  Isn’t there some sort of council like on Regent Street where one’s fellow retailers get to approve/deny prospective tenants?  Whilst there’s still a Game concession in Hamleys toy store, it’s not the place I want to go in order to check out video games on the way home.

Arrived back home early-ish, had a piece of lasagne and watched a couple of Bond films on 303.  All in all, a very tiring day and I was glad to go to bed and sleep for at least eight uninterrupted hours.  Had I known how today was going to go…I think I’d have stayed upstairs all afternoon.

Whilst having a bath last night, I yanked the cord of the lightswitch in the bathroom and the bastard thing snapped near to the top which meant I couldn’t tie a knot in it as a hotfix.  I was going to have to source another switch from B&Q or Homebase.  After the usual procrastinating (which had nothing at all to do with Civilization V…), I popped down the road to Leyton retail park and obtained the switch before having a nosey in Curry’s (and walking out with a new steam iron after engaging in a glaring contest with some munter who didn’t respect the concept of a shop queue) and then to Asda for essentials.  Asda on a Saturday early evening is something I really never want to have to do again.  Give me Tesco or Sainsbury’s – having gone to Morrisons last Saturday, I’m going to go on record as saying you get a better class of customer in the former stores, customers who are the least bit more aware of other shoppers.

By the time I got home, the sun was fading fast and I was probably going to be fitting the new light-switch in the dark.  It was vaguely reminiscent of the final scenes in Bram Stoker’s Dracula where the sun slowly sets whilst Harker and friends chase the Count’s gypsies through the mountains; I lost.  Eventually had to use my 3DS XL (which I dropped three times  from a great height) as a light source as my torches have gone missing and my iPhone was no good.  After a lot of swearing, cursing and near death-misses, I got the switch working before realising I was sweaty, dirty and feeling lousy.  Cooked a hotpot for dinner and whilst getting out some cola from the cupboard, smashed a beer all over the floor in a final indignity.

I know what you’re thinking – wah-wah.  And you’re right, it is all a little…TS.  But it helps me get over it all by jotting down and flattering myself into thinking it’s vaguely readable.  I have managed to get all my laundry and general chores done today so I didn’t quite give over the entire afternoon to Civ V’s scenarios (trying the Into the Renaissance scenario – just crushed the Netherlands as England).  It’s not long before I climb the stairs and go to bed – freshly laundered sheets await.  Tomorrow should be a quiet day apart from dinner in the evening.  Could go out and show off my new togs or even venture down to New Covent Garden Market, I’m not sure yet.