Weekend Report: 05/10/12 to 07/10/12 (that’s the UK dating system and not the wretched US version which is just WRONG) 

Friday evening was a complete wash-out as it started to rain around 2pm and just didn’t stop.  Granted, it can only help our depleted groundwater reserves but you wish it would be a little more convenient to the ordinary business of we human beings.  Anyway, I made my way home to meet the gas man Rizwan but once again the s.o.b. fails to turn up with zero explanation.  I’m there for about two hours before I realise that the jig in indeed up and carry on my usual business of laundry, cooking and powering down. 

I was still in a dither over whether to go this Thingbox “inspired” (as it wasn’t an official event) R U Masc party on Saturday evening so I carried out the rest of my chores including a trip to Stratford Morrisons.  As one can imagine, the local supermarket on a Saturday afternoon isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.  It’s like rush-hour in Rome without the police to help direct traffic and emotions running as intensely as those you see with ‘IKEA Rage’ (sans the whimsy).  Still, I was able to stock up on a few odds and sods although lugging it all home as I overdid the soft drink purchases wasn’t easy. 

Once I’d put things away, I had a quick couple of Civ V scenario games, winning the Smoky Skies scenario and the New World scenario.  If I was going to head out, I thought about heading to Westfield to buy myself a new shirt.  Then I had the brainwave to wear my Ben Sherman (supposedly XL but I challenge someone who normally takes L to fit into it).  Tried to iron it and it was hyper-tight so chucked it back into the charity clothes bag and settled for my green t-shirt & army jacket combo to fit into the whole “Masc” thing.  I did consider my eXpectations jacket but thought that’d be too provocative for the masses. 

Headed over to King’s Cross via Central Line to Bank and Northern Line to the station; the train was packed full of pissed-up German tourists snapping photos of each other looking ill and swaying about as the carriage weaved its way below the City.  Had no idea where I was going so just left the station, picked a direction and hoped for the best; luckily it was northbound.  Sadly, I passed over the Regent’s Canal Bridge where Kai (a friend from the Hendon Hostel 12 years ago) was murdered and chucked in the canal which felt…just wrong.  Not quite walking over a grave but it might as well have been. 

Got to the pub – my immediate impression was that it was exactly as Central Station was when I relocated back to London all those years ago.  Open, basic, crude but with a certain charm.  Met up with Paul & Darren – and other Paul and yet another Paul.  And another Paul, seriously.  And a few other people, I didn’t really leave the goat skull corner.  In a capsule review, the event was okay.  It didn’t match the hype from all the forum threads and general buzz going on.  However, as it has been several months since the last Pie, it was good to catch up with people not otherwise seen. The event was difficult to get an overall…flavour of.  I mean there was a theme but it didn’t really come across, either too subtle or just not present. 

What did pique my interest was the dancing going on downstairs which was just…awful.  I mean really, really bad.  And it was almost synchronised as when the tracks changed, everyone stopped before starting up again.  I don’t know if this was because everyone was tanked but for the miserable git observers like myself, it was highly amusing.  I’m only sorry I didn’t record a video or two myself.  Didn’t get made up with scars or black eyes or owt like that.  I did however, get fairly drunk and spent a lot of Sunday trying to shake off a hangover. 

Thanks to the vagaries of nightbuses in North London, I spent two hours trying to get home, not least as I made the error of going to Walthamstow to get to Stratford rather than heading south for a 25 or N8.  And no taxis either, too cheap for that malarkey.  Crashed in around the 3am mark and passed out pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

I woke up at 10.30 much to my surprise; if I go out drinking on Saturday, there’s little chance of waking up before midday.  I set out making my lasagne lunch (which will be eaten piece by piece over the next week), played half a game of Civ V and awaited the arrival of Paul and Darren for a game of Age of Mythology.  It took four hours but we got through the game which I won with a Wonder victory.  Again we were all a little “battle-shy” but that’s the difference between playing the board game compared with the video game (where there’s merit in hoarding resources).  Had a good time and was of course good to catch up though I would like a bigger table for these things. 

Futurama and Civ V filled in the rest of the evening.  Tim came home drunk for the first time in ages – he’s a comical drunk.  So a busy weekend though not unpleasant.  Apart from when the iron leaked all over the floor – that’ll be another expense to replace the wretched thing.   

Looking ahead, there’s the Griffin quiz, the Lambda social and the Video Game quiz this week and very little else; had lunch with Brian T at Giraffe, swapped a little gossip etc.  That nixes most of my evenings irritatingly enough but could end up with (yet) more beer, cash, spot prizes and video game tat so might be a fair exchange.