Getting drunk can produce an unlikely side effect in me – it makes me want to undertake tasks and chores that when sober, I’ve been delaying and procrastinating over.  But last night having had three bottles of German beer and several shots of Schnapps, I undertook to completely rearrange the furniture in the lounge now that I have some free space.  One half has been better converted into a “home office” in anticipation of working at home whilst the other half is the TV area.  I’m not finished – there’s still the matter of the empty bookcase to deal with and ultimately getting rid of the futon which is propped against the handle-less door to stop fleabag and furball sneaking in at night. 

Now that I have a grasp on what’s going on at home, it might contribute to a general relaxation and decrease in overall stress.  As I’ve long maintained (and possibly written about in a much earlier blog entry), one’s living space is a reflection of the psyche and the fact that I’ve just decluttered a lot of the house, I think is a Freudian symbol of a little more internal harmony.   

Things are going to be pretty quiet between now and the quiz next week, there’s a couple of minor things going on but there’s nothing particularly serious coming up in the calendar.  Our pay offer at work came through yesterday and whilst I won’t be blitzing the Conran store for his top of the range furniture sets, I won’t be considering how to tuck tins of beans under my jacket in Tesco either.  With any luck, it’ll be paid with our October salaries bending acceptance of the ballot so there’ll be two month back pay increase to enjoy on Hallowe’en. 

Finally finished Picross-E on the 3DS so am back on Kid Icarus and managed to get through one level on the Tube this morning.  I keep bumping into people and acquiring them through Streetpass but I never see anyone actively playing 3DS consoles on the tube.  Most of the other meets are in and around shops that sell games (either staff  or customers) or large London Landmarks where there are a few tourists with their machines on.  So much for that Streetfighter IV advertisement where the man and woman are battling each other on the bus. 

Now then, today is the 20th September (unless you’re reading this at some point after this date) which means it’s my thirteenth anniversary as a UK Civil Servant.  It’s true, I’ve spent a whole thirteen years dealing with the Sisyphean bureaucracy in all its munificence.  This also means I have spent just as long in full time employment as I have done in full-time education, another milestone to check off the list.  Four days ago was 12 years in Stratford.  Next month will be 12 years in DfT(c).  It does make one feel old though there are pleasant thoughts to be had with what to do on the last day in the office. 

Did I give you feedback from Tuesday’s quiz?  We lost but won Colin Firth biographies.  At least there’s been closure on the twin tables issue so that’s a minor relief.  No Goat Cheese Ratatouille on the menu this week so had to fall back on the Portabello Mushroom stack.  And I miss not being able to buy in some Jeremiah Weed but downed five Centaur Spices, damned addictive cognac. 

On the liquor front – and to tie in with the initial paragraph – I went to Zeitgeist last night with Richard and Bülent for a general catch up and a pretzel.  Had a Bitburger, a Flensburger and tried a Jever which is a Herb Beer.  A most distinctive smell and it went down really well; then we hit the Schnapps, cherry, sour apple and peach.  Naturally it inspired a quick Tesco trip but they only had Peach.  Think I’m going to have to go to Gerry’s on Old Compton Street for some other flavours like butterscotch and peppermint.  Gotta go to Belgo’s some time soon…