We had a bad quiz on Tuesday though all other teams found it rather difficult seeing as how the winning score was in the low 20s.  Once again there were a bunch of questions where we prevaricated over two answers losing out more often than not; an unfortunate series of events.  And there was another music round to our collective disbelief.  Never have been a fan of music rounds, we always come off badly.

The other issue concerning the quiz is that of the size of the team(s) – it’s clear that Yoshi’s Island has taken on a life of its own as there were again eight people turning up to the quiz.  Have absolutely no objection to anyone wanting to turn up as part of the collective but the situation is becoming unsustainable.  Had to send out a note to the core members last night proposing we sort this out once and for all via a split.  That way there are no misunderstandings and ambiguities in the future.  

For most of this week, receiving a 3G signal has been rather problematic at work with a lot of websites inaccessible and those that are tend to be missing text and images.  Sending instant messages rather than text messages has also been problematic.  Whilst the whole 3G network has been intermittent throughout the Olympic period, I had hoped that we’d return to normal regarding mobile internet.  There’s nothing else that I can think of which might clog up the network so I can only assume there are faults in service provision.  When in Vauxhall at lunchtime, there was a 3G signal accessible so pull your finger out Orange.

Had a really rough night last night, not sure how much sleep I got but I suspect it can be counted quite easily in minutes.  Didn’t help with a roving party of street trash walking up and down the street yelling at each other between 1 and 3 in the morning.  Say what you like about the winter, at least the cold, damp weather deters people from loitering about on the pavement at anti-social hours. 

I’ll write up my thoughts on the Wii U now that the official launch date/price/options have been declared – though in a separate post.  Just for the attention you understand…