Only 500 steps short of walking ten miles yesterday – or at least the measured ones on the 3DS.  It didn’t feel like it but then again having walked to the station in the morning because of the mile long traffic jams, that took up a significant percentage of footfall.  I’d have continued to walk down Oxford Street after walking past Selfridges but my stomach was lurching me in the direction of home.  Following a twenty minute conversation at work about curry, I was quite keen to go to somewhere like the India Gate or Hemelaya in Stratford but didn’t fancy going solo so had to make do with leftovers in the fridge. 

The only other thing of note about last night was that I finished my Russia game of G&K – it took much longer than expected but I have to sincerely thank the Arabs for being so stupid as to declare war without actually having a land border because when the time came to declare peace, I was able to quite easily extract all their gold in exchange for a cessation of hostilities.  Though with the exception of Golden Ages, my treasury was running at a loss for most of the game, so much so that I had to end up disbanding half my army just so that the bills could be paid. 

So let’s look ahead to the rest of September.  There’s nothing much happening to be honest and I’m trying to stick a couple of things in the calendar but otherwise, de nada.  Actually the rest of the year is quite empty – I’ve foregone my share of the Griffin Quiz prize which is the tour of the Globe followed by tea (not my bag) which’ll save on arguments.  I’m still wobbling on the date of the next games afternoon although I have something in the calendar for the 27th – Age of Mythology Day.

Was noch?  Um, Lee B is back in London after a year amongst the cloth caps and will be rejoining the quiz team (amongst other stuff) which is good.  I might have to see if I can borrow his TNG Blu-Ray set just to see if it is indeed worth purchasing or leaving for another time (like in 3 years if/when they release all seven seasons at once in one huge collection). 

Whilst I was having my lunchtime constitutional, I was considering my birthday.  Yes, one can appreciate it’s 5½ months away but by the time Xmas has come and gone, there’s a mad dash to March 1st.  At least if I start thinking about it now (theme, venue etc), I can get a head start on the planning.  And it’s on a Friday in 2013 which enhances possibilities.   

Nope, I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this blog entry.  I’m sorry but there isn’t much more I can add that’s noteworthy.  Things are just really quiet at the moment and I don’t feel like writing reviews, look-back articles or alternative history stuff.  Pontificating on a blog really isn’t me (although someone did that on Thingbox at the weekend and was counter-trolled to death) except when I’m really in a vile mood. 

Though there is this poem from school that popped into my head about three days ago and I can’t seem to repress it:


Tis a man’s occupation

To stick his knob-ulation

Up a woman’s ventilation

To increase the population

Of the younger generation

If you want a demonstration

Of this Sex Education

See me after Registration 

Get on the floor.