Once again readers, there’s not much worth reporting in the blog.  Could mention the Quiz: Season 8 began in earnest on Tuesday and there were ten people so we were able to field two full teams and still failed to win apart from the “Incest Kits”.  Before the webmaster starts sending angry emails, I should point out that these were Incense Kits and there was an unfortunate verbal/Freudian slip when announcing the prize name.  We were so close to winning some tat on so many occasion but FAILED!  Still, I knocked back several Centaur Spice cocktails and provisionally booked a date for a games afternoon. 


I keep looking for more utilities for my iPad but just cannot seem to bring myself to buy any.  Whilst I look at other people who have packed their units full of helpful and useless crap, mine remains somewhat spartan.  I have seen a couple of video game music players (that play the original file formats) which’d be nice for my C64 Sid Tunes but none of them seem compatible with separate files.  I’d have to obtain files from a separate site and there’s no guarantee they’d have the titles I want. And I still haven’t obtained a new Mod Player as I lost the old one when I bought the laptop and had to have the desktop’s memory wiped.  Just plum forgot, not that there were many game soundtracks in the archive, just Project X, Alien Breed, Lemmings 2 & Jaguar XJ220. 


Only three more days until the circus leaves town.  Three more days of packed tubes, crowded streets and gormless idiots decked out in Union Jack tat bought from some scuzzy souvenir shop.  Though I will miss the greater likelihood of a Streetpass Hit which I’ve been getting on my 3DS.  Still grinding slowly through Kid Icarus though I’m replaying more levels than trying the new ones just to unlock tat.  I have to say I do enjoy the in-game reward systems (though it’s irritating you have to be online for iPad achievements) as it does, for a competitive sod like me, enhance the replayability of titles.  Though when certain unlocks are so hard as to be impossible to achieve, one does wonder what the point is. 


I’m flagging now – just cannot think of anything else to jot down.  And I left my Enchilada lunch at home so am either at the mercy of the staff refectory or whatever I can scrounge up from the many overpriced eateries in the SW1 area.  Sux.