Not one, not two but *three* blog posts for you lucky people today – I’m on fire.  I wanted to share (not least as a mate who reads the blog asked) my recipe for my vegetarian chilli con carne.  This isn’t a definitive recipe as it alters every single time I make it but it’s a good one to use.  This’ll make four portions of chilli.

  • One packet Quorn Mince or Supermarket Equivalent
  • One packet Baby Corn (Fresh, not tinned)
  • One tin chopped tomato (branded)
  • One tube tomato puree
  • One tube garlic puree
  • One large Spanish Onion or two Red Onions (depending on what strength you like your onion)
  • One jar red jalapeno peppers
  • One small tub green olives
  • Chilli Powder or Tabasco Sauce
  • HP Sauce
  • 300g Sticky Rice
  • Tortilla Chips (flavoured)
  • Greek Yoghurt or Tzaziki

Start with adding your sticky rice to cold water in a ratio of 1:2 and boil on a low heat – we’re absorbing today.  

Finely dice your onion,  chop up the olives and baby corn, then fry in a large saucepan with the garlic puree using  olive oil.   

Add your Quorn mince handful by handful to the mixture stirring in and getting the fake meat all coated in the mixture – crucial to stop it sticking together.   

Next pour in your chopped tomato – you want the branded stuff as has less water and once your mixture is blended in, add a good blast from the tomato puree tube depending on how liquid your want your meal.  Sprinkle in the chilli powder or pour in the Tabasco sauce and add your jalapeno peppers, stirring all the while. 

Now, turn up the temperature to full on the chilli and leave for thirty seconds to a minute – you want the bottom of the mix to burn slightly so that the flavours are enhanced just enough to taste but not enough to char.  Then blend the mixture together again.  By this time, your rice should be almost ready – the water should have almost boiled away and there should be craters formed in the surface. 

Prepare your tortilla chips (BBQ, cheese, chilli – whatever but not plain) and then remove the rice from the heat.  Keep cooking the chilli though and spoon out into individual bowls.  Now remove the chilli and do the same.  Top off with the Greek Yoghurt or Tzaziki and serve with the Tortilla Chips. 

Leave the washing up to someone else – you’ve spent ages cooking and deserve the break.  Have a cold bottle of Crabbies instead or some Desperadoes.



This recipe as subject to change but is best with Quorn Mince.  Feel free to add and remove vegetables at random but the best ones not currently on the list are diced bell peppers, chopped courgettes, sliced carrots, finely chopped mushrooms, baby broccoli tips or even quartered baby tomatoes.  No big chunks – they have to fit onto a tortilla chip and those suckers break easily.