I know it’s been a few days since my last blog post but really there hasn’t been anything worth writing about. As I enter the final third of my break, invariably my thoughts turn to DfT and all the rubbish associated with it – office politics, dramas, the work subject matter, new colleagues and managers…nah. Still, it’s funded my month off so I can’t be too vocal in my complaining.

Wednesday I went to the Blackfriars den of iniquity where Alex was surprisingly on the turntables this week. The club was emptier than normal as I recall but it was very mid month and I expect that to change next week. I am almost ashamed to report that I felt absolutely bladdered after a mere 4 pints. Granted it was Amstel and that’s pretty lethal but still spent the last 45 minutes there wanting to ralph. Kept it down though and staggered home at 3am.

Thursday was an absolute write off. I just felt absolutely hung over and capable of doing anything than lie on the couch and watch television and occasionally make forays into the kitchen for Food & Drink. It didn’t help matters being woken up but the twat across the road on his bike who smoked a cigarette whilst revving his engine for five minutes nor the dog which had clearly been locked out and was howling for attention. That cave in rural Derbyshire is looking more and more attractive.

Friday at least I rallied after ten hours sleep, finished off the outstanding side quests in Pirates and went to Ceajays for games night…reminding me it’s been twelve months since I did the same. Perhaps I was a bit antisocial by playing Banjo Kazooie for most of the evening but the others were playing BattleStar Galactica the board game and there was no room at the table for at least three of us.

Today was a very, very hot and sticky day. I know most of the news websites have been crowing about the fact that this has been the hottest day of the year so far. Frankly, whilst I’m happy that the rain has stayed away, I can do without the excessive heat and humidity. I had a moment of dithering and after consulting an online Magic 8 Ball, made myself purchase Civ V Gods & Kings expansion pack. Jury review out soon.

The other main problem with the weather being so warm of course is that at 1:30 in the morning, half the street is awake and noisy and being generally antisocial. But that’s always been the problem with the flotsam around here absolutely no consideration for others. Rattus Cockus. I am very, very grateful for the fan in my bedroom because not only does it keep me a little bit cool but the white noise produced by the fan is actually far more conducive to sleep than the primary function of the device.

If the sentences read/look a little odd, that’s because most of this blog post has been dictated to my iPad rather than typing it out. Enunciating words clearly does make dictating seem a little… awkward. Especially when you’re wondering if the douche bags outside on the street are eavesdropping on what you’re saying.