Enjoying the coffee machine, enjoying the teapot – bigger vessels means I don’t have to get up quite as much to make myself a drink.  Sounds lazy I hear you cry?  Well perhaps it is but when you’re playing a video game or three, you don’t want to be interrupted mid flow.  Especially when you’re in the middle of an RTS game.  That said, I took advantage of Steam’s sale t’other day to download Castle Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny expansion and Return to Castle Wolfenstein – fun FPS’s.  Running around shooting Nazis and the undead…who can resist?  Achtung!!

It’s been a somewhat more sedate week this week thus far; went out to Limehouse again on Monday for another sweat n steam bath – skin already starting to look younger and more revitalised (note to self – more steam) and the bathroom scales are still my best friend though I dunno after yesterday at the quiz with the oink fest.  Still, the two hour walk I did should go some way to a calorie-neutral state.  We didn’t win the quiz – were pipped to the post behind Team Science but that’s ok – I don’t think my shelves can take the extra beer.  I’ve been thinking of throwing a party just to get rid of the surplus beer – I’ll call it “drink the bloody beer” party or something like that.

Am hoping to go down to Brighton tomorrow – despite the weather looking dubious (when is it not, let’s face it), All the portents are good for…at least an average day out on the south coast.  That said, I probably shouldn’t go out this evening…but I cannot help myself.

Nothing else to add to the above, I was thinking of adding/writing another Alternative History piece – what if Julius Caesar survived the 15th March plot but don’t feel up to it today.  Maybe in a couple of days time – it’s quite interesting a subject to research as he was a meticulous planner and we know from what was written down that there were definite plans afoot.