‘lo readers, it’s been a curious end to my first week off.  Alas Friday was the bearer of bad news – Stephen’s kitchen hasn’t finished being renovated so that put an end to Saturday’s trip.  That was the first bit of bad news – four other people let me down in…other ways/means.  So when I left the house I was in a bad mood.  Rather than endure another scrum at the station I thought that I might walk to Mile End (or beyond) as the sun was out and I had time to kill.  Managed to get as far as Monument station before deciding enough was enough and I’d take a short tube hop to Embankment where I was due to meet Nick at the Retro Bar.

Although we were due to meet at Retro at 6.15, I was there at 5.30 so settled into some quiz machine fun whilst waiting for a table to open up.  After ten minutes, a rowdy and obviously drunk bunch of idiots walked in – one particularly vociferous idiot was challenging everyone in the pub with the saying “Clapham or Camden”?  I dunno what that was about – further indicating how far I am from the centre of the galaxy – but there were cheers when Clapham was said.  Eventually they left, Nick arrived and we settled into a catch up lasting a couple of hours.  It was good to see him after such a long absence.

Saturday I was stuck for things to do so just did the usual clean and tidy before settling in for a few more Age of Mythology campaigns.  Eventually it came time to go out to XXL.  Well, it’s certainly a lot grander than I remember it (on a Saturday) – and I can certainly believe that the capacity is over 2000.  What the size of the venue meant that it was less intimate and less conducive to small groups.  It encouraged punters to be in crowds to as not to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.  But the number of bars available meant waiting was no longer the twenty minute epic it normally is.

The Doctor went as well but we didn’t run into each other until we left – I remained until 4.30 after having met up with Alex, John, Richard et al.  Journey home was interrupted by the course setters for the Women’s Marathon who saw that buses were being diverted left, right and centre.  And the same will be true of next week so got in at 6.  At least today has been quiet.  Treated myself to a new coffee maker (Cuisinart – £150) and that damned Puritan Teapot from John Lewis.  Nearly cracked and bought a bottle of cognac too for some home-made Centaur Spice cocktails.

Not much else to say other than that very brief run down of the last few days.  Next week is starting to fill up though tomorrow currently remains empty in the calendar.  We’ll see what unfolds though I need to progress and finish off Kid Icarus on the 3DS so I can begin Lego Batman 2.