Eee, it’s time for a bitch n whine fest about the Olympics.  Well why not; it has been over twenty four hours since my last one.

It’s the religious people.  Remember that scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian when the eponymous character is trying to hide from the Romans and stands up on a podium pretending to preach amongst a score of similarly…motivated whack-jobs?  Well trying to walk through Stratford at the moment is exactly like there.  Oh there are some polite types who try and hand out literature and “postcards” (I love this new euphemism btw) but the number of angry, screaming demagogues who are keen to denounce is incredible.  I know we have the right to free speech, to protest and to preach but sometimes you just wish you could rip out their voice boxes.

Crowds are also bloody ridiculous and the crowd management is a joke – you have those purple jacketed idiots standing right IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THOROUGHFARE CAUSING MORE PROBLEMS THAN THEY ARE SOLVING! Oh, and I’m getting more than a little tired of the sotto voce insults I keep hearing from them; Ambassadors for London my arse.  Take notice “rest of the world”, London sucks.  At the Olympics that is.

Right, onto happier topics.  The 3DS XL – as mentioned in the last post I picked mine up.  Well, I’m quite happy with it having played it a little.  The transfer went fine for the most part so that was one worry off of my mind.  However, I had to redownload all my games bought from the shop and I lost data from the Letterbox, my 3DS pictures and from the Mario/Sonic trading card game.  Saved game data went across OK as did my play coins, Streetpass functionality and records.

As for the machine itself, I think it’s safe to say that the console is just the right size console for hand held use – any bigger or wider and there would be problems.  Kid Icarus for example is a little harder to control (might have to use the stand) but Mario Kart was fine.  Haven’t fired up any other games as yet but if I find any problems, I’ll let ya know.  I also got Lego Batman 2 as part of the deal – sweet eh?  The D-Pad is a little smaller but that hasn’t affected the games though I’m not sure just how responsive the R button is.  When playing Mario Kart, sometimes my character wasn’t taking corners like I recall he could but that doesn’t mean my memory is 100%.

All in all, it’s a nice upgrade to the console – graphics aren’t particularly compromised by being on a bigger screen and the sound seems fine.  In fact my only real complaint is the stylus – we’ve gone back to a solid plastic thing of fixed length rather than the metal, extendible stylus which I thought superior.  Granted I could buy myself one but that sorta defeats the object of the exercise.  Haven’t been able to enjoy the full battery life extension either but give it time.  If the rain stays away, I’ll take it to Brighton tomorrow.

Mind you, I keep going on and on about heading down south and I have no idea exactly what I want to do down there.  Last time I enjoyed a general walk around town and had a fumble before meeting Chris V; who knows if he and/or Pete are around tomorrow.  The weather won’t be particularly hot if it is sunny – 18 degrees is forecast which is cool enough to make your nipples pop out all by themselves.  Ah well, might just go to bed and see what time I wake up (didn’t I say this last year and ended up not sleeping a wink?).  Early I go, late I don’t.  Though thanks to being woken up by next door (and I mean the next room over) by people yelling at 7.30am, I don’t fancy my chances.  Still, I do have a plan B…