Last night…I don’t know what the hell happened last night but it evoked some rather freakish dream imagery.  In a nutshell, the Borg invaded present day Earth and began assimilating everything.  Went to bed at the normal time but around 1am the fireworks marking the end of the ‘Lympic Opening Ceremony.  It sounded like an extended thunder clap going on for quite some time.  Literally, a great way to burn money… (yes, I am that much of a party pooper).

After I finished setting up the iPad, I didn’t get up to much the rest of the day.  Ate some leftovers for dinner, popped down the road to Tesco in the morning for the sheer hell of it – actually, just to get a little exercise in and to get my daily ten Play Coins on the 3DS – and went to bed to finish re-reading The Art of the Impossible.  Great book, DeCandido is one of the better Trek writers out there and it’s nice how characters like Vaughn, T’Prynn and Curzon Dax are woven into the background of Trek.

When I’ve had my lunch, it’s over to Westfield and my 3DS XL.  Might poke around the Apple store for a cover for my iPad as I’d hate to damage it prematurely (it’s inevitable that something will happen…) Haven’t got anything else on so I might linger a while or could come back home as I’ve just reloaded Age of Mythology & the Titans expansion onto my Laptop.  Shame it’s not available on Steam but maybe one day now that Ensemble Studios is sadly no more… I don’t know why I resisted disc free games for so long, it so takes the inconvenience out of life, these downloadable games.

Just a short update from me, no video game gushing and no further whining.  Relief eh?