I dare say that you might be able to determine the theme of this post – I’m off work until 28th August and I haven’t stopped smiling since 4.30pm yesterday afternoon when I stepped out that grotesque edifice known as Great Minster House and into the glorious post-meridian sunshine.  Oddly enough, I was at something of a loose end; whilst I could have gone for a walk, I was painfully aware that the Olympic Torch was going to be heading towards where I would have otherwise been walking so had to come up with a new route.  Vauxhall Bridge, all along the South Bank to the Embankment foot-bridge and then through Covent Garden to Forbidden Planet and picked up July’s comic collection.
Then following a quick trip to Tesco Leytonstone for some cola and delicious garlic-stuffed olives (can’t get enough of them), it was home to a dinner of lasagne and haricot bean salad.  And a not entirely unpleasantly warm evening.  Though dipping into a cool bath was bliss.
Right, that’s the gumph out of the way and I doubt you want to hear me gushing over holiday plans.  I’m currently at home watching the on/off rain.  No TP, no Brighton and even shopping (locally) is out as Westfield shuts at 3pm for the stinkin’ Olympic opening ceremony.  Still, I’m going to have to find something to do today.  I might have a Retro-nostalgia trip with some older video games or perhaps just write about them.., I’m itching to write a Desert Strike re-review or Jungle Strike (loved those two games).