So, it’s the final four days before leave and I’m slowly disengaging with tasks and projects before I disappear for a month.  And not a moment too soon…I could do with having some space to clear out some mental clutter.  You know those days when you just want to get drunk for the sheer hell of escapism?  Today is one of those days.


Stepped on the scales for the first time in ages on Saturday; I’ve put on 3kgs.  Whilst it doesn’t sound like much, I feel it could be the start of a very slippery slope so I’m determined to rid myself of the extra weight by the end of my holiday starting…well… two days ago.  No more alcohol, bread, dairy etc and more exercise.  I’m even thinking of digging out the Wii Fit to do some Yoga and toning exercises but I’ll do that from Thursday.

Saturday I stepped out of the house on a mission – that being to source a VGA to HDMI cable so that I can hook my laptop up to my TV and the other to find a PC compatible joypad.  Westfield was a major let down; I tried Game, I tried Curry’s/PC World, I tried John Lewis and nobody had the cable I wanted nor did anyone have a joypad.  As I was out of the house, I thought that I might try the Curry’s superstore in Stepney Green so made the trip two stops over.  Alas they didn’t have the cable I wanted (but I knew it existed as I’d seen them on Amazon.  However, I thought that I might try an HDMI to HDMI cable as there is an extra port on my laptop but I had always assumed it was a USB 3.0 slot as I’m sure that was what the box stated.

Found an XBOX joypad though was very tempted to go back to my retro roots and buy a joystick so took the two purchases to the till and ran out of the store, lest I be tempted by everything else in their sale (and there was a lot of expensive stuff I felt drawn to…).  Came back home and tried the cable – success.  I now have PC on TV so I fired up my Alien Breed retro remake and played that using the joypad…did ok.

Actually I had the whole of Saturday to myself.  Whilst one housemate was celebrating his 26th birthday, the other one was just…out.  Dunno where, didn’t enquire but the Doctor was similarly out working at the hospital.  I made something bland for dinner with some Tesco yellow-stickered stuff (made out like an utter bandit) and took in an early night trying to rest up for Sunday.

Sunday was the long awaited Go Ape tree adventure up in Enfield/Barnet.  It was the first part of our Griffin Quiz prize and we climbed trees, zoomed across zip lines and jumped off platforms into crash nets.  It was an interesting way to spend a Sunday morning and there are some pictures which need to be culled before being uploaded.  However, we were stuck behind a group of children who weren’t the swiftest bunch of people together with someone who got increasingly panicked as he progressed round the course.

What this ultimately meant was that by the time we should have left for the powerboating trip, we were still stuck up trees with no way of getting down.  We had to continue round the course finishing up around 2.45 utterly knackered and we faced walking through crowds of sun seekers back to the tube.

All wasn’t lost though, we did some bowling at Namco at County Hall before playing a game of War on Terror (the board game started on my board games afternoon).

I’m glad I was able to get a full night’s sleep last night – this morning’s journey into work was horrendous.  It started with the streets being full of people…and quickly went from bad to worse.  A suicide at Lancaster Gate backed up the entire Central Line with the expected knock on with buses.  Stratford itself was full of LOCOG idiots in their stupid pink lanyards clogging up the entrances to the station.