Just wanted to mention before I get into this evening’s complaint that there is another blog post chronologically written before this one but alas it’s stuck on another computer so it’ll have to wait a couple of days.
Well me dears, for a while I’ve long been suspicious that I’ve been having issues with squeezing into my clothes.  Not so much squeezing in to tell you the truth – though I’m a sucker for a metaphor – but the old belt has been feeling rather tight as of the last couple of weeks.  After some months, I finally dared to brave the bathroom scales this evening and I didn’t like what I saw.  Whilst I have gained some weight, it’s only in the region of 3kg but it has been enough to cause trouser tightening.

Naturally enough for me, this has put me in panic mode – visions of rushing out to buy all new fat person clothes again has been enough to make me renew my dietary vows and exercise vows.  Clearly the walking isn’t having the desired effect by itself so I’m either going to have to either (a) dig out the Wii Fit and recommence the Yoga/Exercise routines or (b) join a gym.  I think a regular sauna too is required at least once a fortnight just to help melt away some blubber.

What this will also mean is that my holiday has but one goal – to lose those three kilos by the time I go back to the office, and I’m not going to wait until Thursday to start.  It starts here and now.  So out with the dairy, out with the bread, out with the processed foods, out with the potato, out with the alcohol, in with the greens.  AND – this being the most important point – I’m going to make bloody sure I get enough sleep in an evening to ensure food metabolises properly because I KNOW that the lack of sleep from heat, noise and just plain going to bed late has been a crucial factor.

So reader, you have the evidence there before you – I’m committing my month off to one cause, the weight-loss cause.  It’s a real bugger because after thirty-three years, I thought I had a handle on my weight.  Eat sensibly, have the occasional treat and exercise which will pretty much keep you in good stead.  Now I know how Oprah feels when she put on the pounds only to lose them and regain them going from fat to thin and back again.

Though in an aside, I just finished trimming my hair and beard and was about to step in the bath when I looked myself over in the mirror.  There were definite love handles before I got in the bath and after I got out, they were gone.  I really don’t understand that unless 15 minutes lying down was enough time for gravity to reshape them a little…weird.

I did walk near enough fifteen miles on Friday and four miles today.  Wonder what the scales would have said if I hadn’t?