I’m watching Season 5 of the Simpsons on DVD hence the title from “Homer Loves Mindy”.

First of all, I had a question why don’t I put in more pictures into my blog. The answer is that I sketch out my blog posts in Word, then copy and paste into the blank form before posting. I have no HTML skills/knowledge of HTML scripting so can’t even prepare something for post.  Second is that after I’ve written the post, I have little energy left to start sourcing pics/links etc, I just want to post.  However, I’ve seen in WH Smiths the WordPress guide book and I might buy me a copy just to begin to tart up the old blog, who knows?

What else do I have in store for ya?  Well, it’s been a fricking great weekend.  Despite the lousy weather on Saturday, I was able to pop out to Morrisons and bought the ingredients to make a Chocolate Courgette Cake.  I got the recipe from the BBC and assembled it last night, the results of which are seen below…

Chocolate Courgette Cake

715 Calories a slice…Yikes!

Sunday is St Swithin’s Day and many of us were holding our breath hoping the weather would remain fair.  It has so 40 days of sunshine ahead!  Ok, that’s wildly optimistic – there’s rain forecast for tomorrow but I’m desperate for any optimistic signs ahead.  I went out to Stratford Westfield this afternoon to see if I could get anything on my “to get” list:  A new 40 litre bin, a dinner service, a cake dome, a fridge freezer, a coffee maker.  I was busy browsing the shelves but after five minutes, my Scrooge genes kicked in and that was it.  There was no way I could purchase anything.

I walked through the rest of the centre, similarly looking in but having nothing to do with M&S.  Had another look at Axis & Allies the board game in WH Smiths and a second DVD wallet but couldn’t make myself buy either of them so just set off for home via Tesco to see what was yellow stickered.

And the rest of the afternoon was spent watching Back to the Future & the first sequel whilst cooking dinner (chilli sausages both meat and vegetarian) whilst just being content.  It doesn’t seem like much of a blog update but actually, it felt like one of the best weekends I’ve had in ages.  Next week is the Lambda social and the Go Ape/Powerboating Experience, can’t wait!