There’s a blue sky out there and the temperature is at last seasonably warm today! Naturally this won’t last as the rain is currently hovering over Cornwall and Devon, sweeping inexorably eastwards and is due here around the time I’ll be going home this evening. For those non-Brits reading this, this spate of lousy, nasty weather has been going on for nearly three months now and the only good thing about it is that it forced the Water Companies into one of the funniest turnarounds laced with schadenfreude in recent memory. The water companies said “we’re in drought” just before what felt like the entire Atlantic Ocean being dumped on this country. In 1816 there was famously the “year without a summer”. Can this year be a second year without a summer?

I dunno how much/little sleep I was able to grab on Tuesday after the quiz but on Wednesday, I was half comatose, stumbling my way through the day. Was still germed up but overall it’s far less irritating as there’s no further congestion or annihilation. Nose is all chapped from excessive blowing and drying out which feels just weird. I had considered an emergency sauna trip at some point just to have a full steam clean and to nuke out the last vestiges of the cold virus.

Ha – I’ve just been checking Pink News and it turns out there was an unexplained death at Chariots Shoreditch yesterday. Probably loaded up on crack and the heat was too much, it happens.

Anyway, Wednesday evening, having been caught in two intense downpours without protection (practice safe rain kids), I had decided that I no longer could be bothered to fend for myself that evening and I was going to drag the Doctor out to Balans Westfield. No cooking, no cleaning, no messing around waiting for people to clear out of the kitchen. So over we went and spent £75 on dinner for two (can’t believe a glass of Riesling was £9.95) but to hell with the cost, it was desperately needed. Still, the Potato Gnocchi with Portabella mushrooms and truffle oil was very not bad.

Thursday was a similarly grim day in terms of weather. Tolerable but ugly during the day and at 5, the rain began and didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning. It was also another lengthy day at work attempting to resolve the outstanding issues as described in the blog earlier this week. Made progress but not complete progress on the issues at hand. Went out in the evening, came home to a quiet house except for one misbehaving cat which got a kick up the arse.

Countdown is now thirteen days and shrinking. I’ve made a calendar of my time off in the hope that I can meaningfully arrange time off. Most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays now have one activity but Thursdays and Fridays are still as yet to be filled. Had a brainwave to maybe have a day or two in Paris, Berlin or Dublin but haven’t seen anything (as yet) to make me want to take off for a couple of days.

The weekend awaits: I have just put my name down for a 3DS XL and bought Tetris whilst I was at it (it was £9.99) and as there’s a lull in the weather, I might be able to have a walk without getting (seriously) wet.