Ah Wednesday. Back at Stalag Woodlouse [sic], this was for the first two years I went there our half day of school. The afternoons were given over to midweek sport whilst we had Saturday morning school (bleurgh). So this day of the week has always had a kind of warm, fuzzy feeling. These days it’s more likely to be XXL or it’s a good day to dine out – or perhaps Orange Wednesdays. But there’s something about the midweek peak which still instils a sense of excitement.

Saturday School, now that I’ve mentioned it, was torture. It meant we had to be in our school uniform for six days a week, Saturday school was always prefaced with yet another Chapel visit and the lessons were generally of the dire variety. I can’t help but wonder what the teachers thought of it all. It was killed off once David Welsh took over as headmaster and abolished Saturday schooling. Several teachers came into tea one Thursday evening and announced it to many cheers and banging of tables.

Once it was abolished, we had to do “activities” in the mornings. Those on various teams were generally excused for rugby/cricket/tennis etc. I was on rugby so got away with it in the winter but in the summer, it was IT if the computer lab was opened up (exception rather than the rule) whilst I took up golf with other people which has led to a lack of enthusiasm with the game.

High Pavement was the same but on Thursday mornings where we had to take up an extra-curricular activity. Had I bothered to read the blurb, I’d have tried to work on the school paper but as it was, I opted for rugby and badminton but then I got elected to the student union and dropped the rugby. Hanging out in the SU office was great, got so much done in there and learned a fair amount about organising and activism.

Anyway, enough of memory lane for now, I just wanted to yak about the quiz and stuff. So yup, another quiz night and a real blunder/disaster for Yoshi’s Island. There was no KKST this week, I vetoed the idea of extra people this week, let’s get back to normal. We fell apart in the first round of the quiz scoring only 13 but won some Ladybird garden ornaments. Ceajay yelled at a woman to shut the door and rather than feigning ignorance like people normally do, she came over an apologised. So that was nice.

Second half of the quiz went a bit better but we failed when it came to the movie-picture round. Still, we redeemed ourselves overall and finished joint second with Team Science. For once, I didn’t stay behind to play on the quiz machine and left to go straight home. Which I didn’t do…but there’s a reason behind that.

Got to level 5 on Kid Icarus – it would have been further but I’ve been replaying the first level slowly cranking up the difficulty levels to win more hearts and goodies. Played on 7.0 intensity and only just completed it so I’ve reached my current limitations. It’s very much like one of the old arcade gun cabinets – Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Beast Busters – but you have more versatility in moving the character. Not quite gun n run or a rail shooter but a hybrid of the two and very linear.

This proposed re-registration Regulation from the Cion is slowly taking over my work life. There are so many unknowns at the moment that we can’t provide high-calibre advice which is a source of frustration. Granted, as negotiations continue more details will be hammered out but when you’re at the bottom of a 100 rung ladder, it can be a daunting task to ascend to the very top. There’s also Mutual Recognition of Driving Disqualifications to grapple with but that’s a far more undemanding task.

Oooh, to close with, I have heard a vicious rumour that there’ll be a Total War: Rome 2 in the future…am keeping my fingers crossed.