Should have posted this on Monday evening but I…didn’t.

In a tale of gross, I must have sneezed out half my body weight in logie last night and this morning. Have absolutely no idea where this cold has snuck up from as nobody in the office appears to be ill but then again I do live in London and take public transport every single day. Some of the local flotsam have never heard of handkerchiefs let aloes used them. It started Saturday morning with a headache and that evening, a snuffle. By Sunday the sneezing started. This morning was cold sweats, sneezing and loaded tissues; gross. Looks like herbal tea and comfort food for Joe.

As I posted what I would have written today already, I can’t update you with the oh-so fascinating details of my life. So let’s talk about…the failure of Murray to win Wimbledon for Britain. Knew he was doomed to failure. The end.

Looking ahead, my calendar is fairly empty this week. It’s next week that things start to happen. I haven’t pre-ordered my 3DS XL as yet as I don’t know who has the best bargain (i.e. I want somewhere I can use a loyalty card or discount card) but I will get one. My vanilla 3DS can go to my mother, she can pay the £45 or whatever to get the R button fixed. I was able to finally make a start on Kid Icarus today – nice looking game but the controls are a bit awkward what with touch screen AND D-Pad.

Having indulged in a nostalgia trip recently what with Bubble Bobble et al, my thoughts have turned to reacquiring an Amiga to play some of these old games again but the problem is that floppy discs have just degraded over the years. Many of my PC floppy disks have been chucked out as they haven’t lasted over the years so I don’t expect the games to have survived just as long. It’d also be nice to revisit other gems like Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer and the like. And Jaguar XJ220 – awesome stuff.