First, a big shout out to oldschoolgameblog ( for helping me with my Drip query – much appreciated guys.

Picking up from Saturday’s blog entry, walked up the road to Tesco’s in Leytonstone that evening to get some odds and sods, bits and pieces including a new pair of slippers to slob about the house in and some new socks after my feet erupted in blisters every single day last week. All my good socks were dirty or in the laundry heap and was forced to resort to the thin numbers I bought from Next so many moons ago. Painful…

Made a byriani for dinner with Quorn steak strips, wasn’t half bad although not a patch on a curry house byriani. Or the Sainsbury’s aubergine offering which seems to have been withdrawn from stores, more’s the pity. I think I’ll definitely be making another one of those in the near future – this was my first ever attempt. Whenever I’ve made curry, it’s always been something in the Korma style.

Sunday was a Civilization day. Began with my favourite Mesoamerican scenario on Civ III Conquests with the Mayans and won a cultural victory (the Olmecs had about three settlers in their one and only city which gave 240 sacrifice points!) After which I stuck Civ V on, beginning a game as Catherine the Great and won a Space Race victory. It was difficult though as my starting position gave me bugger all in the way of iron to build decent units and my bank balance left a lot to be desired as I continuously ran negative budgets. Indeed, it got so bad that half my army had to be disbanded – though I did wipe the Mongols out by the Mediaeval period.

Owing to the addictiveness of Civ V, I didn’t make myself leave the house on Sunday except to take out the rubbish and recycling. There was a vague plan to maybe, just maybe go out and get that BBQ cauldron I’ve been hankering after and a bench for the garden but alas Sid Meier made me stay in. “Just…one…more…turn” indeed.

2 July to 6 July is going to be a fairly quiet week which is ok although the weather forecast doesn’t make for pleasing reading. Still, I’ve got chance to line some activities up in the old diary. Have to get some birthday cards and gifts for the July mob (David & Laura tomorrow, Barry on the 20th, Yoshi’s Island as a team also that day). There’s also lunch with Brendan on Tuesday though I can’t find anywhere particularly exciting to go to in the locale.

In fact, July looks to be as (initially) empty as June was. Though as I said before, that opens one up to new possibilities. I’ve taken the first tentative steps towards putting on the next Lambda social event at Retro Bar and I need to firm up the Board Games afternoon at the Griffin for the 19th (though I’d much rather do it on a Saturday afternoon). There’s also the International Men’s Day to put together at work which needs a procrastination cessation (ugh, I can’t believe I just typed that) and just getting on with it.

Feeling kinda restless at the moment, probably because I’m well rested and didn’t do anything major at the weekend. Feel like going out and taking the town by storm (read propping up the bar and drinking heavily) but where, when and with whom?