What a difference twenty-four hours can make. Friday was the day that the division was going to go to lunch at Zeitgeist @ the Jolly Gardeners. We wandered over Lambeth Bridge and hit the pub around 12.15. I made a complete pig of myself polishing off three plates of food and downed two pints of Krombacher Dark. Big, big mistake. That, coupled with the fact I only had about three hours sleep finished me off for the day. It was like someone flicked a switch at the back of my skull from “alert” to “tired” because that’s exactly how long it took to go from one state to the other.

I think it took twenty minutes to complete a ten minute walk back to the Department and by ‘eck it was a struggle. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much a write-off as I wasn’t good for anything else. If terrorists had stormed the building, I’d have asked them to plug me just to put me out of my misery. And the bloody rest room in the basement was locked up tighter than a nun’s snatch so I couldn’t have thirty minutes down there. A couple of the really, really low priority tasks were completed but the rest has had to be deferred to Monday. Naturally my horoscope in the Metro said specifically to stop procrastinating…

When 5pm finally rolled around it was time for Raj, Nic & Jake’s leaving do’s. I stumbled down the stairs to the White Horse for the first two people and put in about thirty minutes worth of appearance. But those thirty minutes were brilliant – I got some of the best gossip this year which has a very useful function for later. Following this was the Barley Mow which was far busier and fuller of former colleagues who were already tanked. It’s too bad that I had made the decision to abstain from any more liquor as I might have been able to tolerate it a bit better. Half the pub was irritating, the other half was boorish – wasn’t in the mood to put up with it.

I stayed about an hour and a half before making my way home but by this time, some particularly vile thoughts were bouncing around in the old skull and couldn’t be suppressed in the traditional manner. So they played themselves out whilst I decided to walk to the park to see if Mother Nature couldn’t work her magic once again in de-stressing. I’m not afraid to admit that I caught myself practising arguments at least five times on the way to Marble Arch, three times about the potential pedestal drama which will either explode or vanish on Monday and twice was an argument about the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. There’s a reason behind the latter, there’s someone on the list who should not have been given a gong but was. I’m just _dying_ to know who nominated the bastard and for what bloody reason.

Eventually the park was reached and the trees, the grass and the flowers all did their job magnificently. After twenty or thirty minutes stroll, I felt much better and only had one further vicious thought when I walked past the concert stage which has blocked off a good portion of the park right in the middle – something to amuse the coming tourist horde at the end of the month. Or at least keep them nicely out of the way (one wishes). Oxford Street at 9.30 seemed to be rammed and rather than walk up to Bond Street or further, I hopped on the Central Line, boarded the wrong train (going west – I wondered why it was full), got off at Lancaster Gate and went back to Casa Trevelyan.

Now the best bit – for the first time in about two (count ’em, TWO) months, I got ten hours sleep. And I was only woken up by some bastard from Royal Mail banging on the door with a parcel for…somebody. It wasn’t for me so I couldn’t be bothered to get up and answer it. It was something of a very pleasant surprise to see that the time was 11.15 and felt freakin’ FANTASTIC. The difference between 3pm yesterday and 11.30am (the time I got out of bed) is light-years apart. Feelin’ cool, calm and collected and less achy & miserable.

Now, as promised about ten days ago, here’s a picture of Alex looking like the Riddler with our Griffin Teapots.

Alex The Riddler

So weather is here, wish you were lovely and all that. I’ve done my chores, the rest of the weekend is mine, all MINE. Normal service will be resumed later folks, for now, I just want to kick back and enjoy the calm.