It’s hard to determine why I can behave like a truculent child at times, particularly when I’ve sold myself the notion that I’m going to have some time to myself and that fails to materialise. What happens is that I go into a strop/sulk and do my best to be unapproachable so that I get it by default. It happened again on Saturday evening and on Sunday. I can see exactly what’s coming and why I do it and it just…happens. There are no moves made to stop it. Granted, the line of questioning I get, especially from the Doctor is precisely the same. “How are you?” “How was your day?” It’s almost red-rag to a bull; the same questions getting the same answer. There’s nothing unique or bespoke about them which really is the way to engage. Part of it is that that’s the sort of crap fishing questions received by people online on various social networking site – why put together a detailed profile when people don’t READ IT.

Yeah, I’m in a snotty mood today. It began when I came into work and found a note taped to my pedestal saying that I shouldn’t have two pedestals and I need to empty one by Friday as it needs to be reclaimed. The second pedestal is used for my staff network materials – I don’t have anywhere else to store this stuff. The fact that they left a generic, angry note just got my back up and sent me into a tantrum. I had visions of my desk piled high with my junk having been unceremoniously dumped.

Y’see, it’s exactly that sort of…piss-poor planning which is guaranteed to irk even the most placid of souls. If this had been wrapped up in the form of a polite request, I’d have been far more willing to engage in dialogue, maybe even compromise a little but thanks to the issuing of an edict, a diktat, they can jump in a hole.

Sorry to bore you with tales of my whining and moaning but if I don’t write about it, expressing thoughts and emotions on the screen then I’ll just take it out on my colleagues which won’t win many plaudits. Now that it’s over with, normal service will be resumed so without any further ado – the Weekend.

Left work later than normal on Friday waiting for a phone call about the powerless refrigerators which failed to materialise. I had a shorter walk to Waterloo around Lambeth and jumped on the Jubilee Line, to home, to a dinner of salad and an evening of gawping at rubbish on the TV. It was one of those days where you wake up dog tired and end the day dog tired – I think Matt Groening did this in one of his Life is Hell strips with Binkie the Rabbit.

Saturday was spent home alone for the most part, just me and Civ V – finished a game as Siam (actually it was the “Joeanian Empire”, but I couldn’t find how to rename the Civ I was playing as if not the actual cities) and began a new one as Alexander. The lag time between turns is still very much irritating and really slows down the game but I persevered, not least as I’m too stubborn to quit. Around 7pm I made my way to the Griffin where I met with Dan F who was down from Leeds and a couple of other people: Adam (who I met very briefly at Hallowe’en and Vasili who I’d not met before). We sat around and chatted for a few hours, soaking up the atmosphere and drinking vast quantities of hooch. Nothing major to report really. Made my way home on one of the last trains via Waterloo as I felt the Jubilee Line would be safer than the Central Line.

Sunday was another day of enjoying my own company but for much less time as people were only out part of the day. I had a plan/idea to go to New Covent Garden Market, then to the Griffin for lunch and then to the Summer Fair in Vauxhall Park but the disgusting amounts of rain threatened (and delivered) put me off of that idea. Still, I did kinda wish I had gone out as Cabin Fever struck around 5pm and in order to alleviate the cooped-up feeling, I went into the garden and pulled up all the weeds.

Made a Spinach and Beansprout & Chickpea salad for dinner with some Pizza (dull, I know) and broke out one of the ready blended cookie mixtures I keep hanging around the house. Rather than making the 6-8 cookies as the recipe suggested, I made one giant, huge cookie. Alas, the bloody thing stuck firmly to the greaseproof paper and I failed to extract it all so when it gets eaten over the next few days, people will be picking the paper from their teeth. Not my fault – did every thing the recipe told me to do.

Looking ahead, there’s the usual quiz, drinks with Dr John on Wednesday and a team lunch and three leaving parties on Friday, as well as pay day. An average week interspersed with the usual rain and for the next two weeks, Wimbledon Fans descending on the capital though that’s more a pox on South West London and not the East End. Unless they fancy a day gawping at the stadium.