Three solid days of sunshine – it’s been a while but it’s nice to be able to come to work without a coat. Yes, it’s only the 20th of June but Summer has perhaps now officially begun. A quick look at the week’s forecast says that tomorrow through Monday will be rather gloomy so a false dawn perhaps? I know, typical British thing, to start off with the weather.

So, the past three days have been very walk heavy. That’s because I’ve felt a bit of a strain with regard my waistline and my belt. The crappy weather and a general sense of malaise has diminished the amount of time I’ve been spending outside getting exercise so I’ve put in a fair amount of effort and covered 32 miles in the past three days which should help in the battle against the bulge. I have also been toying with the idea again of joining a gym – my month off would be a perfect time to start, not least as I’ll have a fair amount of time on my hands and with the Olympics, I expect there to be something of an evacuation of the city. It has nothing to do with jealousy of seeing muscle queens in tight t-shirts and me thinking “I used to be that ripped once”.

I undertook the St James’ Park walk rather than the Hyde Park walk last night as I couldn’t face another day strolling through Belgravia and reasoned that the Trooping of the Colour disruption should be reduced. Stupid mistake – the Beach Volleyball crap is being set up for Horseguards which is resulting in massive blockades all around that area. However, it meant a walk through Soho, a couple of Streetpass hits on my 3DS and a trip to Holborn where I ran into an old friend in the Sainsbury’s up there. There are occasions that I’m glad I don’t earn more money and this is one of them; each time I pass “My Old Dutch”, I’m always tempted by the pancake goodness therein.

However, it was surprising how packed the tube was last night when I caught the train home around 7.30. I’d have thought people would have been packing themselves into pubs gawping at the England /Ukraine game. Or was the result seen as a foregone conclusion. Still, it’s interesting how neither of the host sides were able to progress given as they are reasonable teams (better than Switzerland/Austria from last time) and had a stronger chance of doing so. Well, Sunday will be the day to avoid…

It’s a real shame that employers don’t respect “freedom of speech” and all that as I’d love to pass comment on the latest…statement by Francis Maude that civil servants support what he’s doing to reform the civil service. Speaking to numerous colleagues here…I think it’s fair to say he’s wrong. And that’s all I can say on the matter without fear of disciplinary because they’re looking for any excuse these days.

Casting one’s mind back a week or so, back to E3, some news site reported that the 3DS would have a second model launched. Nintendo rushed to deny the rumours but then stated they’re looking at a sequel to the 3DS (which kinda quashes the rumours that the 3DS and the *spits* Vita will be the last dedicated handheld consoles). Whilst I applaud them getting ahead of the game, I wish they’d reconsider as a new 3DS (larger screen etc) is really needed as well as a model which doesn’t leave uncleanable dirty lines over my screen. Still haven’t decided whether to get a new one or get the current one fixed! But as I’d have to fork out the best part of £120 (minimum), it’s looking increasingly unlikely. Still, it’d be awesome if the 3DS sequel could be backwards compatible with the DS AND 3DS.