As I write this blog, I’m fighting the fatigue from only three hours worth of sleep. It’s entirely my own fault as after the pub quiz, I chose to make my way along the river to a certain venue on Invicitus Plaza…

Mentioned earlier, Wednesday was the only day in this week’s calendar where something was actually scheduled – lunch with Brian and the Griffin Quiz. Although I suggested Le Pain Quotidien on Vauxhall Bridge Road, he couldn’t find the blimmin’ venue (not least as he didn’t actually walk past it) so we settled for Pat Val’s. Rather than succumb to Waffles or Sundaes, I thought I’d play it sensible with Eggs Florentine on Brioche – calories aside. Though it was very tempting. Have to say I was snarling all the way through dinner, not least as I’d been fed back some tidbits from a series of briefings on this brand new Civil Service deal-thingy. My last blog post comment was totally validated.

We sat outside the café eating lunch and gawping at the various passers-by. Some not bad, some very not bad and some who should be swathed in bolts of the opaquest cloth possible. But more talent and totty than tat. I like Pat Val’s, I really do but it was a struggle to actually choose something from the menu as it was all sammiches and carb-laden meals. Then again, I didn’t know what I really wanted which made the choosing more difficult. Food choices have become rather difficult lately for some strange inexplicable reason. I go to the cupboards or fridge/freezer at home and stare blankly into them not knowing what to have. I’ve been way more decisive in the past…getting old.

As for the Quiz – yesterday afternoon was one of those which dragged on forever and so I had to get out of the office before the last thread of my sanity snapped and fortunately Chris M who I’d drafted in as an eleventh hour replacement for the team was amenable to an early finish. The weather remained pleasant enough for our walk down to the pub and arrived in good time to feast on Crabbies and Kopparberg. Ceajay and David couldn’t make it owing to other commitments which meant Yoshi’s Island was myself, Chris, Alex, Joey and Alex’s friend Matt who it turns out was an ex-Thingboxer who I have the vaguest recollection of (why they say you aren’t allowed to end a sentence with a preposition I don’t know).

There were rounds on Lords & Ladies, General Knowledge, News & Current Events…something else (memory fail) and we were able to scoop up a bonus round prize of four teapots – I may post the picture of Alex later – and we won the main quiz – bottles of Asahi this time. We won big on the quiz machine afterwards though squandered it piecemeal and asked/pleaded for some new games – like the Crystal Maze.

Following the quiz, I made my way over to XXL as I was already out and not ready to call it quits for the evening. The place was fairly busy and I had the rotten luck to arrive three seconds after what looked to be a stag party/civil partnership party as several guys were in top hats and tails. They took an age just to get through the doors. Still, in I went and I had a handful of what appeared to be Bacon or BBQ flavoured nachos and three pints of Amstel. I couldn’t bring myself to order Magners as I find it repellent. Stayed until 2.30am when I finally left and began the long walk to find me a bus stop which is serviced by either the 25 or the N8 – succeeded at Holborn viaduct which was 10 mins away. Might have been closer but I was playing Dragon Quest IX whilst walking…

Have been feeling the effects of less sleep today. Sleepy in the early part of the afternoon and ravenous in the later part of the afternoon. And now that it’s early evening, I just want to go out to drink and shag. This is how addictions start. What am I talking about, I’m a junkie when it comes to video games and being right all the time.