I undertook two new activities on Wednesday – I piloted a new walk which involved the St James’ Park/Green Park/Piccadilly angle (but with a length approximately the same as the Marble Arch 5-miler) and for lunch I ate in a Garfunkel’s for the first time. It’s fairly easy to see why the restaurant chain is so popular with the old folk; the menu is packed full of the stodgy favourites that the elderly tend to favour which are very potato/bread heavy and therefore easy to chew. For a herbivore, a nominal herbivore I hasten to add, there was practically nothing to tempt my appetite so it was a salad plate for me (third in three days…) but Brendan seemed happy enough with his chicken wings.

The main reason for piloting a new walk is that I’m a bit bored of the scenery from the Marble Arch walk. Even the small variations I build in have lost their charm. However, St James’ Park and Green Park at the moment are a complete mess with scaffolding and other such building equipment all over the place, presumably for that most pointless of events, Trooping of the Colour. I remember being dragged off to that a couple of time as a kid just so we could watch parents arsing around in the parade. It certainly left most of us army brats with a deep-rooted antipathy towards military pageants of any description.

What really gets on my wick on my walks are the numbers of cyclists who don’t seem to have any regard for the rules of the park. Normally, an anti-authority type such as me bends/breaks the rules as I see fit but I never endanger other people’s safety by what I do and yet these selfish buggers cycle in and out of pedestrian traffic in parks at full or near-full pelt. I saw one middle-aged tosser (naturally with headphones in his ears) sideswipe several people as he recklessly ploughed through the park. I was this _indicate nearly pressing index finger and thumb together_ close to knocking the idiot off of his bike and giving him an angry lecture over his reckless behaviour but figured that the vicissitudes of fate wouldn’t be on my side.

Thursday was the day of two back to back meetings where I was the host so much of my time was spent running around after people ensuring things got done, catering was delivered and guests were escorted to meeting rooms. Following the meetings was the Lambda Network event at the Riverside. I think it fair to say it was a success with the venue highly approved of and the choice of beers excellent.

Oh, in angry news, my laptop quietly installed the latest Civ V patch last night and I really wished it hadn’t bothered. Far from improving the game, it’s made it much slower to run and although I’m pleased I don’t have to watch the crappy introductory video any more, there are no other tangible improvements to be seen. I tried to start several new games on different sized maps but they were all ridiculously difficult to play and I gave up. Having looked at the civfanatics forums, I see that other people are reporting the same sort of issues which can only mean another patch within the week. This is what comes of five seconds worth of beta testing – 2K, kindly take note.