(Email to Big Ian)

The weekend began on Thursday evening when I wanted to track down a copy of Scattergories for Saturday. I tried a couple of places local to work and Peter Jones/John Lewis in Sloane Square. Failed so tried the WH Smiths in Westfield where I’d seen a copy the week before. Whilst there, I bought one of those CD/DVD wallets that DJs use which holds 225 discs. That evening, I went through my CD music collection and my PC game collection, emptying pretty much everything out onto the floor whilst stuffing the case full of discs. All the empty boxes were chucked into a massive pile on the floor whereby I took a photo of the carnage. Sufficed to say they all ended up in the recycling bin having filled 1½ refuse sacks. I want to buy another one for my DVDs now and free up even more space; two towers and a large shelf have been cleared.

So, Privilege Day Friday…I did something but can’t remember what off the top of my head. All I know is that it involved money. Blimey – five days ago and I just can’t recall that went on. I had some of the day at home to myself and I also had the luxury of having the bed to myself that evening. I just cannot for the life of me remember what I was doing, who I might have been spending the day with (and I know that I did), what errands I might have run. Complete blank.

*checks iPhone*

Ah yes, I had lunch with a friend and we went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen; it had the best offer available within a local radius without having to resort to making a reservation (and it turned out that the offer wasn’t valid on a Friday). The food was adequate but not substantive and they didn’t have anything I particularly wanted in the herbivore range – the one I did want to try wasn’t available and so was forced to settle for another stinking Portabella Mushroom burger.

After that I went to Forbidden Planet, purchased comic books and an animated Batman DVD which featured actual killing and not the usual “no death” tosh and went home to tool around with Civilization V.

Saturday was my board games afternoon at the Griffin. I rolled out of the house at 12 armed with Monopoly: Here & Now, Taboo, the aforementioned Scattergories & a fourth game which again eludes my memory…no wait, it was my chocolate Cluedo set (one use only). I arrived at the pub at 2 only to find it all shut up and locked tight – they’d forgotten that I was supposed to be having my event in the pub early that afternoon. A frantic text later and we were let in before the rain began.

In total, about 12 mates turned up in total to play games, we all enjoyed the word games, Joey’s “War on Terror” which is a pseudo Risk game was good fun but not the 90 minute game that we kinda anticipated it would be. Still, it was a great dry-run and I think we’ll do it all again in August but this time hook up the Wii for other game-show type games with more of a multi-media flava.

Ten hours later, the final four of us left the pub and got the last tube home where I went straight to bed and passed out.

Sunday was a bad day – emotionally drained from running around Saturday and some other stuff. It was one of those days which even chocolate ice-cream wouldn’t be able to do anything for the soul. I kinda wished the good Doctor picked up on that and disappeared for a few hours Sunday instead of sitting in front of the television watching garbage which only fed into feelings of frustration.

Monday I rallied – I meant to go to the sauna in the early afternoon but lost track of time to pesky Civ V and didn’t get to go until 5. Nothing untoward happened, it wasn’t one of those days…though I was chased and pursued a fair amount by tat. Finally left around 9.30 and got home to resume my gaming.

Tuesday was more of the same except I had the house to myself until 3pm. I sat and enjoyed the relative tranquillity of the neighbourhood, such as it was and the bliss of an empty house. I also enjoyed watching the cats get soaked in the rain, looking soggy and miserable. The quiz was an hour earlier than normal because the pub was offering a BBQ to take advantage of what was hoped to be decent weather. Alas the only vegetarian offering was A THRICE DAMNED PORTABELLA MUSHROOM BURGER!!! But it had Pesto which sexed it up a little.

The quiz itself was Kings & Queens themed with more questions than normal. I know my monarchs so we crushed the opposition. The prize was 12 bottles of Magners Cider rather than the usual 24 Becks which I insisted Joey should take home with him as he doesn’t drink lager and generally walks home empty handed when we win. We also won a bonus round but he chose the hot spot.

After the quiz, I dragged Alex off to the Eagle for a final drink, not least as we’d probably surrender a small fortune in pound coins to the quiz machine had we remained. It was ok – full of locals and the liquor wasn’t too expensive (compared with other nights of the week). I was able to get the last tube home, caught up with some messages, sent a few more and went to bed.