At last count this morning, there were precisely three cars parked on the street. This is because the new parking restrictions for my road have kicked in and most of the cars which rest next to the kerb have had to find alternative places to dump their vehicles. A minor and definitely petty victory for yours truly. Alas next door’s turdmobile still stands in the driveway though that won’t be there for a while in over a month when that family vanish for their month’s pilgrimage back home to wherever it is in Portugal they reside.

In other Stratford related news, the happy Australian returns from…travels elsewhere. I knew Russia was in the offing at some point but as we’re not really communicating, I don’t know for sure. Why? Not sure, but I dare say my sunshine personality has something to do with it. Actually, I suspect it’s more to do with the “new relationship” thing. Did I mention this theory in earlier blog entries – the one where when some people get into a new relationship, they cut out everything else in their lives leaving them with nothing but the partner in some co-dependent sick-fest. And when things invariably go wrong…BOOM.

It’s Thursday 7th June, second day back after the weekend and tomorrow sees the start of another break. The 50 day countdown has begun, not that I’m the least bit excited by the prospect. Today I have lunch with Raj before he takes up his no post abroad and some sort of meeting with Brendan though we’re still bickering over where to meet up, chiefly as he’s the one with the insane schedule (he said with a touch of bitterness). Nah, that’s just me kicking off because nothing seems to be going smoothly at the moment though I don’t have debt collectors breathing down my neck for once and the noose isn’t tightening.

Um…there isn’t a great deal else to say to be honest as yesterday was something of a non-event. Had a lunchtime and post-work walk, the latter along the South Bank as I happened to be going in that direction and because Thames Water (who still need paying which I really need to sort out) had a massive rupture at Stratford Station necessitating the closure of the Central Line between Bethnal Green and Leytonstone stations. Said closure still went on this morning thus a rare Jubilee Line trip to work was needed. I forgot how vile it was and naturally some lardo had to sit next to me; his backside couldn’t be contained into one seat. And what the hell has been happening to the seats lately on the tube – they used to be spongy but now they’re all hard. Have they removed all the seat cushions?

The final book in the Vanguard series was finished off yesterday morning whilst waiting for my alarm to go off and I’m at something of a loss for new books to glance at as there are very few I have a burning urge to begin reading. Thanks to the Jubilee (or at least I suspect thanks to the event), two Sue Townsend books (The Queen & I + Queen Camilla) were dirt cheap on iBooks so I pounced. That’s two more off of the shelves when I can be bothered. A crazy thought struck me at the weekend – what would the Nazi’s have done had Kindles etc been all the rage in the 1930s? Would there have been Kindle burnings at party rallies? Or perhaps very localised EMP detonations wiping the malicious data from various systems?

“Beneath this mask is an idea Mr Creedy, and ideas are BULLETPROOF.”

I do enjoy V for Vendetta but the Blu-Ray version of the film seems to have disappeared off of the shelves in all the shops. Fine… can have my business.