I hate to say it but this morning I was so sick of my 3DS, I had to switch it off. It’s not the fault of the console, not by a long shot. However, after being stuck on the District Line for over 90 minutes, what little patience I had left finally evaporated in the heat and I had to abandon Dragon Quest IX. My iPhone provided little solace through the medium of reading my latest book purchase. Finally the train pulled into Pimlico having changed once at Monument and then again at Oxford Circus and I returned to the surface, only to be met by an armada of emergency service vehicles and a gaggle of onlookers gawping at whatever the hell was going on. It was difficult to discern but with no fire and three fire engines, the possibilities cannot be good.

So jumping back a couple of days to Tuesday and the Vauxhall Griffin Quiz…I should say that in an idle boast, I put forth the theory that if one googled “Vauxhall Griffin Quiz”, my blog would probably be the top entry given the number of times I’ve used the tag. Well, I put that to the test and it’s the fourth most common entry. However, a look on my blog stats sees that the number two search referral term is SSVC owing to the post I made on growing up in Germany. Number one is ljofa + imperial centre.

Sorry, back to the Quiz; whereas it was just the three of us the previous week, we struggled to keep numbers down this week as everyone wanted to come. And for the first time this year, we weren’t screaming “shut the bloody door” at people owing to the tranquil heat. Again, we felt the quiz was a difficult one with a great deal of guesswork employed in trying to make a reasonable stab at the answers though thanks to a sudden flash of insight at the end of round one, we were able to score 30 to tie with Science where Alex in a rare one won us the tie-breaker but alas we failed in the rollover (which is now over £200 and will almost certainly lure in more odd teams). We also cleaned up on the quiz machine afterwards.

And just as the quiz was finishing and we were being kicked out of the pub for closing, a masked motorcyclist pulls in – it’s Joey, back from his travels. So we were able to catch up briefly for twenty or so minutes. I didn’t notice the number of kamikaze insects adorning his visor and jacket until he pointed them out and there were more than you might find at the bottom of an insectocutor after a week’s worth of use. Love those things, especially when fat wasps fly into them and they spit fire.

In sad news, my bedroom tower fan has died. That has been my longest serving device having been with me for six years but alas it must be returned to the void from whence all life came. Never mind mend and make do… I have been looking at Dyson fans as they do work really well from what I’ve played with in John Lewis but the price tag alone is enough to give one a stroke. The weather hasn’t been hot long enough to cause the concrete to permanently cook so there’s still time but one will have to be procured before summer truly kicks in and the need to block out outside noise becomes a necessity as well as cool down.

Oooh, you know how I wrote in the last entry I saw Brenda on Monday? Well yesterday I saw Camilla being driven right past my building. How that hair doesn’t move is a mystery only known to her and her hairdresser but her limo was roaring down Horseferry Road and having stolen a glance inside, I have to say that unless a crude form of inertial dampening systems were installed, there must be a subspace field generated by that vehicle. Does Camilla have an alternative name? If not then Ian Hislop needs to get right on that one.

The preparations are coming on in earnest for my games afternoon – there’s enough people for a quorum and all I have to do is get people to bring whatever it is they feel like bringing. Tables are booked, all I have to do is keep people reminded up to Saturday to the point that they’ll come if only to shut me up (fat chance). I would like to get the new Civilization Board Game + expansion (only Civ could do this) but hey ho.

And finally…I’ve started another of my guide books – this time on writing profiles for interweb sites. Because I know everything, clearly and don’t have an ego the side of a gas giant. True. I think now I have this blog, I’ll upload it when finished and publish here for an even greater audience to ignore my pearls of wisdom. Result.