I’ve only just heard the statement first ascribed to George Orwell that by the age of 50, everyone has the face they deserve. Whilst I’m 16.7 years away from that grim fate, I can’t help but wonder what I’ll end up looking like. The general consensus is that I take after the paternal side of the family. I have my grandmother’s eyes (and as we used to call her a witch, the omens are terrifying) but have the same general face of my long-deceased grandfather. I have other bits and pieces from my mother’s side of the family but said grandfather is the person I feel I have the most in common with.

There’s a lot to be said for ageing gracefully, or disgracefully, if you will. I had a discussion about it with someone on Thingbox the other day about how turning 30 was one of the best things to have ever happened. Never mind the whole ending of adolescence, the ending of the 20s was even more of a relief. I wouldn’t have minded my 20s so much if I had today’s mindset but as that developed in direct response to those experienced garnered in the previous decade, it’s nothing but harmless nostalgia rather than a problem I can go out and fix.

Perhaps the reason I’ve been mulling over ageing (again) could well be down to the fact that today marks one calendar year since I was rid of The Mason and his Rodent Boyfriend. Wherever they are I don’t know and I don’t care – they are out of my lives forever. A small celebration is planned to mark this event as it removed one significant hunk o’stress from my life, the whole “I don’t want to go home as they’re there” issue. Anyone who’s new(ish) to this blog might want to skip back about a year in entries to see the tedious diatribes I used to scrawl.

In terms of weekend activity, Friday was Games Night in Brixton – usual Monkey Ball/Mario Kart stuff, nothing worth reporting. Saturday was Games Afternoon in White City hosted by Darren S. I had to put the controller down twice lest I really lost my temper; the first was during Mario Kart when the computer kept shoving my kart off the track no matter where I was on it, the second time was during New Super Mario Bros when we tried the coin battle which was no fun and I put that particular game down as I lost all interest.

This probably contributed to a general sense of malaise on Sunday where although I was able to successfully complete my Civ IV game as the Persians (Space Victory), things still felt…frustrating. A sense of achievement and victory were definitely needed but seemed perpetually beyond my grasp. As I wrote to a friend in a message, I could have won the lottery, learned of the hideous death of my enemies and have my favourite cake baking in the oven and still would have a nagging sense of aggravation. I should have put something in the diary and gone ahead and done it.

When that bored or irritable, I try and do at least one thing productive, channel that misdirected energy into doing something nice and I scrubbed the filters on the vacuum in the bath. It turned the water black but it should be as good as new for…oooh, five seconds. And later on in the evening, I made cola floats, something I’ve not had in yonks. Can one make a Crabbies float? There’s an idea…

Monday was a quiet day – eleven miles walked in total, perhaps more as my 3DS wasn’t recording properly in the morning – and I made a chilli con carne. I’ve also finished two more Star Trek Vanguard ebooks which takes me to Book 5 but rather than progress to the sixth novel, I’ve gone to the short story anthology. It’s not been a bad read and I hate to prove the maxim but you really can’t judge a book by its cover. When I first saw the series in Forbidden Planet, I rolled my eyes ad infinita but once I saw references and characters cropping up in other works – particularly the Mirror Universe novels – it more than piqued my curiosity. The obvious comparison for the novel is Deep Space Nine; two space stations commanded by officers who have strong personalities and are borderline bullies, both have quirky, spunky Science Officers but the differences between the two are far more apparent which thankfully doesn’t make the reader think he’s reading “DS9 – the First Generation” or something like that. My only criticism of the novels is that they are a bit too Klingon-biased in characters. Granted they are the primary antagonists of the Federation in this time frame but there’s at least a glance at other races and species, particularly the Orions and the Tholians who never got a look in throughout other books.

Oh – I saw Brenda yesterday. After I came out of the Victoria Station branch of Sainsbury’s having bought an apple, I watched as the hapless staff went chasing a shoplifter. Anyway, I felt like watching the pursuit so I peeked round the corner onto Buckingham Palace Road and then I hear the roar of motorcycles, turn my head and there’s the police escort followed by Brenda in the back of her car. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any of the Royals being chauffeured about in central London though now that Al-Fug no longer owns Harrods, will the royal warrant be returned?