I’m a scab. It’s true – a good number of my colleagues are out on strike today but I’m not. Yeah, I’m opening myself up to abuse by posting this online but exercising my right to reply, I’d like to offer the following rebuttal.

I agree with strike action. Totally support it – but only as an action of last resort. It should be the final weapon in an arsenal, the nuclear option if you will. But unions frequently utilise strike action as their weapon of choice against management without seeming to consider the alternatives.

Every time there’s an industrial ballot, there are two options seen on papers – strike and action short of a strike. Naturally more people tick yes to action short of a strike but I don’t recall the last time this was taken up. Correction, I do remember and every time it was an overtime ban but as very few people seem to qualify for overtime, it was a big, fat non-event.

There are plenty of actions open to employees who wish to protest at managerial decisions, many of which are perfectly legitimate and require a little careful adherence to the terms and conditions of one’s employment contract which could actually be far costlier and far more of an inconvenience and there wouldn’t be a damn thing they could do about it other than grind their teeth in rage.

But so long as we have the spectre of the 1970s looming over us, I fear that strike action will always be taken with little consideration to the other options. Trade Unions can be rather rigid in their thinking. So why don’t I do something about it? Because I’m fed up of volunteering for these sorts of things – running a staff network, undertaking charity-based projects. There’s only so much I can manage and maintain something resembling a life.

Anyway, news and current events aside, there isn’t much to add to that report. Had a long walk after work on the usual route and sidestepped into Selfridges to waste my quiz winnings. I also needed to get a birthday card for two weeks time for Stephen H. I treated myself to a much-reduced cake, some of those lovely Pitta Chips, some pick n mix and for the now-confirmed board games afternoon, a chocolate Cluedo set as it was ½ price. Fortunately, I was able to keep away from kitchen supplies and the rest of the funky stuff in the basement otherwise I might have spent a fortune…

Almost at another weekend – bless these four day weeks. I’ve chosen the 1st June as my privilege day so I get one week of 4 and one week of 3 days in the office; there’s something nice in not completing a full five day week and there’s more to look forward to. If I ever do get to move down south, working from home will be my first priority, not least as I don’t have to contend with public transport as much. The commute to and from work isn’t too bad as I try and avoid packed tube trains and buses as much as possible (haven’t made a DLR journey in ages tho’) but reclaiming two hours of existence would be good.