Rain, rain – get lost.

I didn’t know Graham Crackers and Digestive Biscuits were essentially the same snack food. Nor did I know that Moon Pie was a S’more covered in chocolate though that sounds like a Mallomar (or a Teacake). The difference between what the computer irritatingly calls US English and UK English. Many other US food stuffs I’ve managed to guess what they are from television or seen them stocked in the import section of Selfridges or Cybercandy. Though I draw the line at Lucky Charms – Marshmallow is not meant to be eaten with milk.

Don’t ask what inspired that paragraph above, I blame my lunch and lack of vegetables. Went to Just Joe’s as the new Ravello’s wasn’t good enough for…company and had to have an Emmanental Cheese sammich with tomato & red onion. Though I tried something new – plantain crisps; nice.

Quizzed it last night and it was 50 music based questions written by John. Somehow, we won and instead of beer, it was cash! We were about ready to write off our performance in the first round as it stumped us something rotten but fortunately most of the other teams did as poorly as we did. This is why Alex is not allowed to leave our team, he’s definitely the music man.

Something odd happened yesterday the second I woke up, I just was not…there yesterday. It was what I’ve termed 3DS Camera Syndrome, where you take a 3D picture but don’t align the two images properly so they are two blurry images which are distinct from each other rather than harmonious. I was one image, the rest of existence was the other image. Given how quantum physics explains how time is bent around owing to concepts like gravity et al, I can’t help but wonder if something can happen during sleep which knocks people a few milliseconds or even nanoseconds out of sync with the rest of the universe.

Time for another grumpy old man moment – this time it’s the http://www.gamefaqs.com top ten daily lists. This site invites contributors to come up with video game lists grouped around a specific theme. Sadly as most video gamers are under the age of 30 (wot use the site), most of the systems they write for are 16-bit machines or higher spec. There’s nearly bugger all in terms of 8-bit and virtually nothing for the old home computers.

The most recent poll was “top ten tear-jerkers in video games” which I admit probably works on more recent systems given voice acting and FMV although the whole list was your typical Final Fantasy wet dream (why?). But one top ten list was Top Ten Under-the radar video game soundtracks. As I’m typing this on an…irksome computer, I’m going to have to spell out the full link rather than shove in a hyperlink – http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/top10/2433.html

This one made me shave a week off my lifespan, especially given how much I’m into VG remixes from kwed and Overclocked. The downloads from the older games by FAR outweigh the more recent rubbish so I’d say that the compilers of these lists really need to broaden their horizons. Rob Hubbard – fookin’ genius composer. Matthew Cannon was pretty good too. Lyn Bjorn, top stuff. Alistair Brimble – awesome.

The obvious retort is “why don’t you contribute something then”. Maybe I will.