I’m becoming an even worse correspondent on my blog as of late…there’s a reason as to why but I’m not going to disclose for legal reasons. Well, sanity reasons at the very least. Though recent events have sucked the creativity straight out of my soul (ah?) and I haven’t been particularly inspired to write stuff.

Last week turned out to be way more expensive than I planned though most of my money went on this food stuff that I’ve heard so much about. A £45 shop at M&S would have cost me about £100 had I paid full price so I consider that money well spend, including these pretty awesome vegetable kebabs with halloumi cheese. Whilst we could make our own for cheaper (and will), it was at least a nice imagination starter. And both Thursday and Friday saw breaks in the rain in the afternoon so I was able to get in some decent walking. 12 miles on Friday!

The weekend was a fairly quiet one also – usual Saturday chores and more Scarface (including a smaller tantrum) whilst Sunday was spent watching yet more rain come down until the afternoon. Decided to go out and meet Marco after two years of correspondence so went over to the Griffin for a couple of Crabbies and a couple of chocolate muffins. It went well though I was disconcerted to learn that there was a Sitcom Night happening (Stu and Log organised it through Facebook). Another event missed through my intransigence. Though if you quote me on that last sentence…

And Monday was the long heralded and much anticipated pay day. I promised myself new shoes and I delivered. Once again, I took myself over to the outdoor shop on Southampton Street (North Face?) for a pair of Merrells but rather than buy the Moab shoe for the third/fourth time, I purchased the Chameleon shoe instead which was £23 more but is waterproof and should last longer, particularly given the amount of abuse I intend to inflict on them. The spending didn’t stop there as I nipped into Forbidden Planet and bought two months worth of the usual comic books and finally found a Baron von Blubba t-shirt followed by a trip to HMV and walked out with a further three t-shirts (two for me of Family Guy & Mr Strong – the Doctor got the Ghostbusters t-shirt) which were £4 each. £175 in total was spent and I don’t want to think about the consequences, not least because my iPhone 4 sale has collapsed though I still have spare money (just).

As for the rest…that can wait for next time. And I still have a rant to try and finish off and post.