Tuesday was of course Quiz Night at the Griffin and the season finale to the sixth season. There was definitely an excitement building up from Sunday evening with the culmination of fifteen weeks worth of work, burgers and Crabbies. Not to mention all that cake, pie and biscuits consumed on the premises. Team Yoshi were fairly certain that we were in the lead but with a lack of confirmation, we couldn’t rely on assumption alone. The target was 31/40 in order to wipe off our fifth best score of the season.

Being somewhat excitable – and having experienced a late creative surge at work which saw a mammoth task completed in a fraction of the time I’d mentally budgeted for, I popped out to the pub slightly earlier than normal. There was also the promise of seeing Jack down there for the first time in…months.

Mercifully, the rain held off on my walk south despite switching from bucketing to heavy all afternoon (and getting soaked at lunchtime in the process). I arrived and had a Crabbies whilst settling in to play the quiz machine (ended up breaking even). Joey arrived with a bag full of Hotel Chocolat treats and when added to my pastries, we must have had over 4,000 calories on the table at the very least. We had the usual catch up, ate burgers, pies and more pies. In total, nine people turned up so Yoshi’s Island was supported by Keira Knightley’s Stunt Thighs.

Once things settled in, we began on another tear. News and Current Events were swept away as was the Past News round. We ended up with 19/20 by the break, even with another team I’ve not heard of. Half time over, we launched into round two a little more uncertain as there were more questions that we were dithering over. But we were able to struggle through with 15/20 which achieved our objective and affirmed our overall triumph.

So the prizes – as well as two bottles of champagne for participating every single week, we won a powerboating experience on the Thames and a Go Ape experience, something about arboreal activities, haven’t really researched it well. And of course the winners medals. It’s certainly different from previous prizes, not to mention hi-adrenaline which is very intriguing. Third place won chocolate making, second place won tea/dinner on a Thames boat (I was quite liquored up by this point).

And in related news, I have agreed to write and present next week’s quiz. Naturally the whole thing has been collated already with some reference to my question bank archive (but not much). Alas I cannot reveal much about the quiz for fear of giving unfair advantage but I can state that there will be not one but two picture rounds.