I think I had an entry put together but it’s locked on my PC at work as I recall waiting to have been added; not that I would have been able to recall what was typed. Just the usual daily report(s).

So this has been another two days spent at home, gaming, sleeping, eating and catching up on my chores. I kinda wanted to go out today at the very least to perhaps do a little writing but the stinking Marathon would have clogged up the streets, restricted general access and made life miserable. Plus the added bonus of showers thanks to this hyper humidity we’re experiencing at the moment. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve been able to get any writing done since last autumn.

Had a major temper tantrum yesterday whilst playing the Godfather – was trying to storm the Barzini compound and the computer’s in build cheating mechanism kept spawning enemies behind me which according to the laws of physics should have not been there. After five attempts to take it over, I finally lost my rag, threw my Wiimote across the room and kicked my Stealth Mug as hard as I could. Then took out the hoover and cleaned the carpet aggressively.

But practice made perfect and I finished off the game and also completed Professor Layton so stupidly started up Scarface on the Wii and I have Dragon Quest to start on the 3DS (well the DS – birthday gift from Brendan). I also finished off the French chocolate bought from Monoprix (it was very not bad, better than Bournville). Hmm, a weekend of completion.

Short entry; I’m watching Roseanne and contemplating pudding after three salad wraps for dinner.