It’s not the best idea in the world to go shopping when you’re not feeling 100% – you never know what you end up purchasing.

Something that’s been pushing itself to the top of my priority list is a new mobile phone and so I decided to get myself down to Westfield’s Phones4U to see what they have in stock. Brand loyalty and all that. Alas I think I wasted my time and the time of the assistant I was helping me to get a phone. Apparently the iPhone 4S 32GB isn’t wanted by the retailer as there just isn’t the demand. And a Sim-Only contract is more hassle than its worth – why do these sods make these things so bloody difficult? So I walked out with no phone and no idea how to proceed. Briefly considered going to the first floor to the Apple Shop to just get the handset but having checked out the price on the Apple App, I figured I might as well get a 64GB iPad with 3G and continue with a 16GB phone.

I wandered over to John Lewis, started poking around the store – chiefly at the fridge freezers but walked out with a handheld Dyson, a nut bowl, a chopping board, a set of four steak/pizza knives, a bag of tea lights, dinner candles and some salad spoons. £277 later and I feel a bit better but I’m totally going to have to pay for it in guilt as well as cash.

When I got the Dyson home, I did the stairs chiefly because they’re covered in cat hair from where the feline beasts have been snoozing at nights. The Dyson only got half way before the cylinder was full…it was pathetic. And I did the stairs about two months ago but the machine worked like a dream. Very happy with that particular purchase.

*wistful sigh*

Work has just been really crappy and depressing the last week, don’t want to talk about it.