Not quite readers, I’ve been writing my Paris report off-line and haven’t really been able to find the time what with many work things, not least the last mad dash to the finish line in the marathon which is transposition of the EU Third Driver Licensing Directive. But we’re there now and I have six hours on the train Monday/Tuesday in which to get the blog entry finalised (it’s going to be a long one) and decide which piktchaz to post on here; if any, of course.

Nearly there with the whole birthday thing; just a few more items to collect and a few more RSVPs to confirm or drop. And I’ve been unofficially warned to ensure that people know there will be food there.

Stephen dropped by on Thursday evening and we exchanged birthday gifts. We swapped chocolates and he gave me an A5 leather bound journal which is like giving crack to an addict. I want to go out right now, find a nice sunny spot in a park and start writing in it. I have no idea what but there we go!

Right, almost there with the phone charging so I can go out and get a 1kg bar of Dairy Milk (it’s a Joeanian cliché at the moment though they always seem to be received well) and a Unicorn Piñata – there’s a specific reason for this. Tschuss.