Just when it looked like it was going to be an uneventful weekend, we had a neighbourhood barney yesterday afternoon. Because criminal damage was involved and there was the threat of police intervention, I’m going to have to gloss over the finer points and elucidate without being specific.

So, the Portuguese neighbours had affixed spikes to the top of the fence posts in order to further deter incursion by the cats. Typically these have been knocked off but it transpires that somehow they all got broken. Naturally this began a shouting match between Barry and one of them. It began to get heated whereby both sides were hurling abuse at each other. Where was I? I was rummaging through Wii games on my shelf; whilst I could have gone outside and mediated or joined in the ruckus, I thought I’d let them get on with it as clearly there needed to be some sort of release. Let people vent, calm down and then negotiate.

What I did do later on was to move the shelving units outside in the garden away from the fence to remove the likelihood of the cats trying to jump over. That’s the one and only concession I’m going to make in this scenario. However, they have threatened to kill the cats if they come over again. Again, there’s nothing I can do about such a threat but I’m minded of Vito Corleone to play the longer game. Some form of retaliation is expected so I’ve instructed people to keep a noise diary and after a month, we’ll submit it to the council and do this all above board.

Developed a serious case of cabin fever yesterday and wanted to go out but had to keep telling myself that Paris and Birthday come first over my need to spend recklessly (the bonus money is burning a hole in my pocket). Besides which, I’ll have all the “out” I could possibly want on Tuesday and Wednesday. I did finally acquiesce to my wanderlust and popped out to Tesco for a Heinz chocolate or syrup steamed pudding. But could I find such a dessert amongst the shelves the one time I want one? Could I buggery. I did run into Stephen in the supermarket who was buying some essentials however and we made a date to do a birthday gift exchange.

Well, with any luck, my next post will be completed in the City of Light on my iPhone. Bag all packed, money withdrawn, continental adaptors purchased – bring on du pain, du vin et du Boursin.