Lunch at Wagamama on Friday was better than expected as the plates and therefore the portions seemed a great deal bigger. When I’ve had the Sweet Potato special (don’t ask me to recite the name as I just can’t remember) before, it’s always seemed like meagre portions compared with what was dished up. Service was a little slow though the place was packed out and when we’re talking £15 a head on average for the midday meal, one is forced to ask “what austerity period”? I have to confess being at something of a conversational pause with H over lunch as I couldn’t think of much to ask. Fortunately my blushes were (somewhat) spared when the invisible Mr Sloane made an appearance about ten minutes after we’d sat down and I managed to guilt him out of a text message.

Otherwise it was a quiet end to the week – went with a whimper and not a bang. Manager was out of the office and I was left to sit around waiting for a whole bunch of emails, notes and clearances from other civil servants, none of which were forthcoming. I have to wonder just why we bother to adhere to deadlines when nobody else seems capable. After hanging around for what seemed like an eternity, I left to the freezing cold and inglorious start to the weekend. Had a wander around SW4 for an hour before heading home to a plate of leftovers and crap tv.

Yesterday was a shopping expedition to find a couple of April Birthday gifts but I failed. I was able to get myself some box files for the first time in over a year though most of them were new rather than replacements for the older junk. I’m completely out of shelving space for comics on bookcase no 4 – this is what comes of collecting for 15 years. Also had a look in the usual Oxford Street shops and there’s very little worth splashing out on. But I was able to buy a Bubble Bobble t-shirt in FP.

Otherwise I haven’t got anything else to write…sorry.