The business correspondents in the media seem to be having some sort of field day reporting the financial troubles of Game. It almost feels like they are attempting to claim a scalp by advertising how the company has been affected by lower sales and supplier issues. For me, it’d be a sad day if the company went under, not least as it’s the last dedicated high-street game retailer on the market. With HMV wobbling also, well I don’t want to be going to Argos or Curry’s or dare I say the fricking Supermarkets for games.

I posted something to this effect on Thingbox and got a snotty post in response, the short version of a 250 word rant was “so what, get your games online”. Not all of us want to be forever buying things over the internet, some of us like going out on shopping expeditions, browsing through shops and being able to interact with staff. I’d dread the day when the high street is nothing but clothes shops (increasingly for skinny bitches, much to the consternation of us Rubenesque types).

Speaking of online crap, the (omni)presence of trolls is also getting to be more than a nuisance on websites. Whilst I know how the conduct themselves and to some extent the why, it’s still something that I couldn’t bring myself to do and therefore have zero empathy. If there’s something irritating, either walk away or deconstruct it intelligently. That said, I wouldn’t mourn them if crushed by a juggernaut.

Anyway, today’s big news is the lovely surprise I found awaiting me last night. Not only did the good Doctor do grocery shopping unbidden (together with some nice looking carnations) but when I went to pay my rent, I saw that my bank balances was way, way higher than it should be. Further examination of the facts indicated that I have been paid my unclaimed loan protection but it was a great deal more than the original £300 indicated a couple of years ago. Sufficed to say I felt compelled to do a happy dance and was grateful there were no camera phones nearby. Tempting fate again as it’s only 13th March today, it’s shaping up to be the best month EVER! Birthday, other birthdays, Paris, Swansea, Party, getting rid of 3DLD Regs, iPad (hopefully)… everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Speaking of the Simpsons, on a whim I’ve been watching Season 4 on and off over the past week or so and have to reflect that the episodes are some of the finest of our favourite yellow family. There are gems like Selma’s Choice, Marge vs the Monorail, The Front and Marge in Chains. Subtle humour which doesn’t need to be rude, crude or disgusting in order to get a laugh. By that, I’m thinking particularly of the episode with Otto’s wedding where Homer leaves part of his tongue on an ice sculpture. Not funny Mr Groening, take a retrograde step back, give Homer a brain, Lisa laryngitis and let the rest of the work fall naturally.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Popped into the Victoria Game at lunchtime – certainly was full of what…speculators or vultures? Bought three games myself – Professor Layton IV, The Phantom Hourglass and Civ Rev (I had the latter with my DSi XL and I’m slowly rebuilding that particular collection). There weren’t any Wii games worth getting but that branch has never strongly supported that console. Couldn’t bring myself to buy Lego Harry Potter; though I like the Lego game franchise, I hate the thought of any of my cash going to Ms Rowling. It’s bad enough my Sky Subscription gives her something each time the wretched film is played. There’s a cheery thought to end this post on.