Picking up from where I left off last time, Thursday was International Women’s Day and I had agreed to undertake some drudge work at the Civil Service Event hosted at the BIS Conference Centre on Victoria Street. This alas meant an 8am start which involved hauling my sorry ass out of bed at a time I’m so not used to and consuming vast amounts of Starbucks coffee.

My tasks involved some door work but mostly front desk work handing out passes and registering guests. It wasn’t too bad as the main conference was in the basement and I had wi-fi access so could read iBooks during the lull between sessions. Managed to get through two novels and had to stop myself buying a third, instead looking to the interweb for amusement. Following the conference, I met John for some coffee, cake and liquor which we had in spades.

Friday was perhaps the highlight of the week as it was lunch at Zeitgeist and to my pride, I polished off 2½ plates of most excellent food of the stodgy variety and a pint of Krohmbacher Blond. Rachel, Jackie and I swapped gossip, bitched about people we mutually loathed and passed judgement on the inexplicable decisions made by management. Was forced to pass up on a colleague’s cakes in the office as he was marking his last day as I was utterly stuffed. Could barely manage a soup in the evening though I did succeed in the evening walk.

Whilst I’d have liked a lie-in on Saturday, I had to drag myself out of bed to go and pick up my parcel full of decs for the party. Everything seemed to be in there so combined with the box from last year, it should look pretty nice. Though I think the flag stands (wood with holes drilled in) are too small for my flag collection. Think it’s time to bring out the drill for its annual use. Saturday evening was Ceajay’s party. Whilst not as raucous as last year’s affair, it was still a chance to catch up with people old and new. I can’t think of too much to write about it as it was a typical house party – though I wasn’t the one to get the award for worst drunk for once and hats off to Rob who refused to get liquored up until midnight, being on house patrol. And for once, the nightbuses lined up for me so it was straight on, straight off twice. Still took 100 minutes to get home tho’.

Slept in until 11am Sunday when I was brought brunch in bed – probably a good thing being woken up at that time as I’d have almost certainly remained unconscious for another couple of hours. Had the house to myself for most of the day but didn’t exactly make the most of it. Weather was very pleasant though. Oh, and I slashed my finger and thumb on a bottle of wine in the evening – I always knew Chardonnay was bad, this confirms it.

Otherwise I finished off Paper Mario on GC and might try to revisit N64 Paper Mario, not least as I’ve started the game but didn’t get anywhere with it the first time I played. The Pit of 100 Trials is still my favourite part of the game, not least from levels 70 onwards because the more challenging villains of the game are there and battles are so not a pushover. Managed to take Mario from Level 21 to Level 28 in the course of the ordeal too.

So I think we’re all caught up in terms of events; there’s nowt else worth sharing as things are fairly harmonious at present. It’s a strange sensation, being in a period where you don’t have to worry about anything in particular and things are going pretty well. Whilst I’m acutely aware of the whole “tempting fate” issue, sometimes it’s nice to read that things are going well. Which reminds me that I need to phone the bank at some point today or tomorrow…

So as I write, it’s an even nicer day than yesterday with some actual heat to the sun though not quite warm enough to abandon coats at lunchtime. Unless you’re sitting in the sun and don’t plan on moving around, of course. The news that there will be hosepipe bans and drought orders is a bit disturbing and puts me in mind of summer in 2000 where you just wilted on the tube because of the heat.

Hmm, I’m struggling to add something else today. Think it’s time to call it a day then.