It’s not often I make culinary mistakes when pottering about in the kitchen but last night’s lasagne was an abomination which I am not proud of. The main reason for whipping up a batch of lasagne was to provide for a couple of lunches in the next few days as there are always plenty of leftovers but as I haven’t done a main shop this month, my fridge is looking bare. So the lasagne which is usually a vegetable orgy consisted of Quorn mince, onion, mixed pulses gently fried in chilli oil for some needed zing.

Whilst the above was bland, what ruined the lasagne was the fact that I didn’t bother to check whether I had enough lasagne sheets and that I didn’t pre-soak them first to soften them up a little. The first layer was penne pasta and I thought I’d bulk it up with some crushed BBQ crisps (would have worked had they been distributed on the top layer rather than in the middle) whilst the second layer probably had too much in the way of sheets.

So all in all, I considered last night to be the worst meal I’ve made for 2012, and it’s only 23rd February. Perhaps some Tabasco sauce or something can rescue it when it comes to second helpings, just to sex it up a bit. The cheese was good though, extra mature cheddar although I think it should have been cooked on the middle shelf of the oven rather than on the upper level.

I had a brief…appointment after work last night so rather than do the Hyde Park loop, I decided that in honour of Blackfriars station reopening, to walk along the South Bank to London Bridge as the entire stretch has reopened. From Vauxhall it took about an hour without dawdling though the wind and the occasional spitting from the clouds made it a little depressing. Still, it was nice to be able to do the complete stretch. There was a temptation to go in at Blackfriars station itself just to poke around but as I wasn’t able to get out at lunchtime for a stroll, my legs propelled me forward further on down the river. I don’t know what the new fairground ride-thing was opposite the carousel by the bridge – it said something about a maze but it was all boarded up.

Not only is the party on but Paris is finally on also. After almost six months of what I can only describe (politely) as indecisiveness, Lee and I have agreed to take the 20th and 21st off of work to go to the city of light and spend two days there. He was a bit shocked when I said the only cheap fare was the 5.40am train outbound but I did warn him it was early…still, I’ve done 18 hour days plenty of times when the spectre of insomnia looms over my bed and I’ll cope. It’s a perfect excuse to quaff lots of French coffee and eat lots of baguettes and fromage. Du pain, du vin et du Boursin.

Invites were sent out last night to the party and almost all have responded positively, only a couple of people have declined to attend though this may increase over the coming weeks. There are some people who I have been uming and ahing over inviting so they’re on a reserve list. The “key players” as I deem them, have all rsvp’d yes except Joey who is henceforth a pariah and will be cruelly mocked at every possible opportunity. Vengeful? Moi? Certainment.

One thing I’m willing to take bets on is the amount of time it’ll take for some whack-job in Argentina to blame the latest train wreck on the UK or how it never would have happened with Argentine control of the Falkland Islands. Just the same as the vile Phelps clan blame every natural (and unnatural) disaster on the LGB community, I’m sure el Presidente can be counted upon to make some sort of announcement soon. Though I have to say I liked Private Eye’s take on it this fortnight. A return to form for the satirical periodical.