There isn’t a great deal of news to report but as today is going to be a slow one, I shall stretch it out. (Oh, and I’m posting this email verbatim on my blog so there will be some repetition – sorry readers)

Let’s see, Wednesday evening was pretty dull and dire. Went to the Stag briefly as I had the urge for a nostalgia trip but the place was full of ancient queens eyeing up anything under 40 years of age. Thursday felt like one of those days when the clocks run backwards and time is dilated to such an extent you’d meet yourself coming into work just as you’re leaving. Went to the Wii night in Streatham only to find that the spectre of doom and gloom was back – justifiably so but didn’t help perk up things. By way of confession, I’m getting a little bored of the same games played over and over again; I like new challenges or revisiting older systems for nostalgia trips.

I have been hankering for some more trading simulation games to play following the enjoyment of Pirates. However, most of the ones I can think of are for obsolete systems: Elite, Elite II: Frontier, Tai-Pan, Sid Meier’s Railroads, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, Civ 4: Colonization etc. Doing missions is all very well and good but I really do enjoy the simplicity of buying low and selling high, making massive profits etc. A quick flick on wiki says there are a number of similar games but most are pirate/Caribbean themed rather than any other sort of buy/sell thing. Though Andy at work did remind me that there are Football Manager games which have pretty much the same sorts of concepts except with that pesky football thing attached.

Was not happy when I came home last night – the whole house stunk of human habitation (I normally open a window just to ensure stale smells can escape) so I lit a bunch of candles, threw open windows and was liberal with the Febreze. Sufficed to say, my weekend is planned with the whole spring clean thing. Wasn’t able to buy a new toilet seat yesterday as the upstairs bathroom one has cracked much to my irritation though I can of course take it off the rent.

As soon as the clocks turned 12, I gave the Doctor his birthday gift as I couldn’t wait that long to give it – it’s a Supercar experience I bought from There’s the choice of six cars to drive for about an hour, the sort that are every motoring enthusiast’s wet dream. He seemed happy enough with it though I would NOT want to be in the passenger seat when said experience is used. I’m fearful enough given his propensity for acceleration aggression.

And the only other bit of news is that I have formally submitted my bid for the 31st March. Though I’m going to need to check out M&M World in Leicester Square for some single-coloured M&Ms…it’s all part of my crazy scheme.