I promised myself long ago that I wouldn’t get myself all riled up by the news any more on several grounds – that I can’t do anything to directly influence events, that I pay enough in taxes for professionals to sort out the mess, that I should look after the pennies…but this crap about Sean Penn making all sorts of stupid comments about the Falkland Islands is just enough to sting me into making some sort of response.

First of all Mr Penn, I think you should stick to subjects you know about – appearing in mediocre and unprofitable films, violent behaviour towards the press and wife-slapping. Second of all, check your history, not just of the Falkland Islands but that of the principle of self-determination also lest we forget peoples like the Cherokee, Apache, Chinook, Iroquois et al might have something to say on those matters. And thirdly Mr Penn, firing off inflammatory comments at such a sensitive time is hardly conducive to the cause of peace. One would think a UN Ambassador at large would know better.

Of course, this is just one voice in a crowd and I doubt whether or not he’d ever get to read the post but that’s the power of free speech and the interweb. It gives all sorts of crackpots (like myself) the opportunity to respond in a public forum.

The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful in Joeania – we managed a pathetic fourth in the quiz on Tuesday (after a second round collapse), my toilet seat has cracked and is now broken (which makes the fifth seat in 12 years – have to stop buying these cheap plastic numbers and go back to wood) and the freezer is not closing properly again resulting in large ice deposits forming. I was looking at new fridge freezers last night in John Lewis and am tempted to give myself a birthday treat, Paris be damned.

I don’t know it it’s a side effect of the birthday coming up but I have found that in the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about people from my past more and more, wondering what they’re doing, how they are etc. Perhaps if I was on Facetwat I might be able to get some answers but as I remain one of the most stubborn, indomitable individuals around, curiosity will not turn into answers. Speaking of the site whose name I refuse to type properly, some friends have been reporting that perhaps the love affair with it is decidedly on the wane. But are we talking about individuals losing their interest in it or is this the beginning of a pattern of malaise?

Kinda stuck for something to say now, every unexpressed thought rattling around inside my head has been given voice. Even the ongoing domestics at home don’t really seem noteworthy at the moment (and that has absolutely nothing to do with egotistical control over self-image, not whatsoever). It’s been rather grand how this week has seen a complete reversal of the sub-zero temperatures that have been besieging this continental peninsula of ours. I even switched my jackets today, dumping the long grey overcoat in favour of the black Cherokee jacket. There is talk of the lousy weather returning though I choose to remain foolishly optimistic.

And finally, finally submitted my formal query re March 31st. I don’t know why it’s caused such consternation and procrastination but it’s not as if I’m committed to anything.