It’s not often I sleep through the alarm clock; resist it, ignore it yes but not sleep through it. But this morning…loadsa fun getting up and throwing on clothes. Didn’t have breakfast but after last nights feast I don’t think I needed it. Twelve miles walking were clocked up yesterday before work (goddam jalapeno crisis in the morning), during the lunch hour and after work. A big, heavy dinner was cooked in the evening with hot cider with cinnamon and a fat slice of cheesecake to boot. Puts the skimpy breakfast and the Innocent Curry Pot to shame.

John Lewis and Selfridges last night saw a large number of middle-aged men running around in a hurry looking at greeting cards and loitering over the chocolate selections; I can’t imagine why.

Well, we’re suffering quiz team manpower shortages today because of Valentine’s Day, an anti-Valentine’s party (of sorts) and illness so have spent a good chunk of time trying to call in favours and elicit new ones. I have four of the five slots on the team allocated but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll obtain a fifth person.

Not much else to add to the above today, more’s the pity. Could really go for a Mexican Bean wrap though like wot M&S sell.